3 o'clock javascript

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I was writing some code to react at a textarea.onKeyUp. I take the size of the current textarea.val().length, update an element and do some other stuff.

Yawn yawn

The first version of the code looked like:

   $('#chars_num').html( new_len );
   $('#sms_num').html( Math.floor($('#message').val().length / 161) +1) );

Working good, but was clearly slow: every keystroke was “giving back the cursor” too slowly for a fast typer like me. I went to take a look at twitter, and their text box was WAY FASTER. Well, a decent programmer (not like me at 3 o’clock in the morning) will do something like:

obj_message = $('#message');
obj_chars_num = $('#chars_num');
obj_sms_num = $('#sms_num');
   new_len = obj_message.val().length;
   obj_chars_num.html( new_len );
   obj_sms_num.html( Math.floor(new_len / 161) +1 );

Longer, but WAY FASTER: the browser is not going to have to find the objects on which I operate, again and again. Just the first time.

I know that now there are the W3C Selector API. But the version of jQuery that I use (< 1.4) doesn’t offer it yet (I believe). Why I don’t switch to 1.4? Because I have some dependency on 1.3 for now.