Hello World, again!

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$ echo "Hello World!"

This is my first post from a whole new backend. Yes, I'm leaving the underperforming and unreliable Bluehost Hosting for a scalable, distributed, load-balanced, reliable, powerful platform. I'm going Google. I'm moving to App Engine.

To make App Engine serve my purpose, I picked a small, cute, interesting project to do the job: <a href="http://github.com/Arachnid/bloggart" target=_blank">Bloggart</a>, made by brilliant Arachnid (Nick Johnson).

The old posts you ask? Yes, I'm working on a strategy for that. Most probably will work a bit on Bloggart to welcome my Wordpress's data, and use the App Engine Bulk Loader. Of course, there will be quite few bumps on the way: Bloggart is not Wordpress. I'm sure there will be tons of features that will be left out. But Bloggart and App Engine suite my primary purpose: Speeeeeed. In fact, I recommend you take a good look at this series of article on Nick's blog where he goes step-by-step through the development of his project: really cool stuff.

And now, back to coding: there is > 6 years worth of blogging to import!