Making Bloggart Sidebar more Flexible

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Bloggart from Nick Johnson is great. I think I made it clear that I love it (there hasn’t been a post so far with a mention about it). But it has some “shortcoming”: bits that a person like me, coming from Wordpress, always wishes were there. But no worries, we can always tune Bloggart: it’s the great part of Open Source after all.

Nice Branching Metaphor

In fact, at you can find my branch of Bloggart, where I’m gradually pushing the new functionality I want/need.

I just pushed a commit that changes how the Sidebar is configured: no more just a bunch of links and no more than that. You can now configure your sidebar with 4 types of blocks:

  • Links
  • Twitter widget
  • Google Friend Connect widget
  • Generic HTML Code Block

Every one of those blocks has generic and specific options, to tune it the way you want. I think is making it much more flexible.

Enough talking: if you are interested, you will probably find more useful to take a look the the actual commit.

Have fun.