Mind your own Belief

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cs> Come back to God. You are still on time to get baptised. You can save your childrens: baptise them! God will have mercy of their souls and allow them to the Heaven!

me> Excuse me, what are you doing?

cs> I’m spreading the world of Christ!

me> Christ?!?! That is great!

cs> Yes, I know. Thanks.

me> So, he told you about that?

cs> Who? About what?

me> Christ. You said you are spreading his word.

cs> Yes, He told me. Lord spoke to me!

me> That is just plain cool. How did he do that? Did he appear to you? He brought you to the 7th sky? How? Tell me.

cs> What are you talking about?!?!

me> I’m asking, how did he told you those things?

cs> He didn’t “talked to me”… in that sense…

me> So he didn’t tell you this stuff?

cs> He did! He just didn’t do it in person!

me> So how? IM? Twitter? Facebook?

cs> What?

me> Instant Messaging? You know… ICQ, Gtalk, jabber. How?

cs> Dear you. What have Satan done to your soul and mind!??!

me> OK, I’m a bit of a geek, yes. But I’m just asking how Christ did actually spoke to you.

cs> He didn’t. He passed me his message through his Holy Spirit.

me> So, he come as a Holy Spirit? Or a Holy Spirit came to you?

cs> No, the Holy Sprit just caught me and “Enlightened” me.

me> So, he just turned on the light? And you got that you had to go around and tell people to get Baptised?

cs> No. Not that “Enlightening”. He brought light to my soul, making me understand that I had a mission: to spread His word.

me> Over LIGHT? Jesus is using photon-based communication networks? Fiber optics?

cs> My dear! No, Jesus’s Holy Spirit did it all.

me> Ah. And how did it was? What color? What shape? Were you able to touch it? Or was more like an hologram or something?

cs> An holo-what? What the hell are you saying?!?!

me> I’m just trying to understand over which Media Jesus told you to come here and do what you are doing.

cs> Look. Reverend [name of a Reverend] told me to come here and praise the Lord. I’m doing this to save Your Souls.

me> From what?

cs> From the Evil!

me> What Evil?

cs> This Evil! The society! The people all around us!

me> So, you are saying that People are Evil?!?!? All of us?

cs> No, I’m saying that You are without God. And that is Evil.

me> So, you are saying I’m without God! So, I’m Evil.

cs> Yes!

me> How do you know that? God told you that I’m Evil? And if I’m Evil, why does God wants me to have it? I mean, I’m the exact opposite of it. Wouldn’t this union of God and Evil make the Void?

cs> What? What are you saying? I don’t understand!… Look, kid, are you without God?

me> I don’t know. Do you?

cs> No.

me> So, you don’t know if here there are believers or not?

cs> No. Actually,… no.

me> And you are here praising the Lord and saying that we should be baptised.

cs> Yes.

me> And you don’t know if, for example, we already are. Or if, for example, I’m Indu, or Italian, or Egyptian, or Hungarian, or Brazilian. And, by any chance, we believe in other Gods. Or if we are, by any chance, THE Evil.

cs> No. I don’t know.

me> So, if you don’t know anything. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU HERE YELLING AT US!?!?! Mind your own Belief!!!

PS Sorry, I don’t mean to be offensive against any Religion or Belief. I just want to share that I hate when people yell “the word of Lord” at us, without knowing who the hell we are. Religion should be kept in religious places: others beliefs (and, most important for an atheist like me, disbeliefs) should be respected.