Too busy to blog?

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I have been thinking about a million posts to write, snippets of code to publish, CompSci problems to discuss.

But I’m just really busy at work, and not finding the energy to publish anything worth more than a tweet.

Gioacchino Rossini
A pint for whoever gets why I putted this here

Yes, Twitter. I do believe now that is what stops me from writing a post: sometimes thoughts are not worth more than a 140 characters. And the very nature of Twitter also pushes me to be as synthetic as possible. With the result that I don’t really post anything anymore. :-(

Is all this twittering killing my Blogging? One thing I know, it managed to practically kill my Feeds subscription: I don’t subscribe to blogs anymore. I just follow on twitter who I really think is an interesting person, and they just throw good stuff at me. My Instapaper is ALWAYS overloaded!

But I do have some stuff stuck in my head that I want to do. Stuff like:

Will I ever find the time to do all that?

Oh yes, I forgot to tell you: I just got Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. And that DEFINITELY doesn’t help ;-)