Bloggart: a bit more code, a bit less sleep

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Hi. I don’t know if you can notice it, but I just did few updates to the CSS of this Blog.

Effects of sleep deprivation (no, I'm not THAT tired)

If you are one of the few a followers of my Bloggart fork, you know what’s going on: Page support, changes to the “Squared” theme and more.

I’m not yet where I want to be, but it’s getting closer. While I add small features to Bloggart, I learn its intricacies, and discover some small/medium latent bugs. Stuff that “didn’t happen because scenario x was never considered”: this is giving me some possibilities to fix and improve.

I believe now Bloggart does a slightly better job using the App Engine Deferred API. It’s not much, but makes you feel like you are making some use of the Google-Cloud Power. Nice to have.

My theme, “Squared”, is getting better, thanks mainly to the advices of the CSS-Master ekynoxe. His advices are very helpful and illuminating: I know very few developers that have such a great talent for design and “ability to explain themselves”. Thanks mate!

Stay tuned: more is coming. Is just a matter of depriving myself of sleep hours, not a big deal…