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A team of smart, young, tech-savvy Lybians have given life to an amazing little (but already growing) project: collect, translate and share news from the ground of Libya.

The project is this news/blog:

Libya Hurra Libya Hurra

I said smart. They have leveraged something that everyone of us (well, people of the world) have: friends from somewhere else. They asked friends to take on the easy task to translate some articles every day, and send back for publication on the blog. I’m giving a hand with the Italian translations every time I can.

I know a lot of website do this for mainstream media. But what’s different here is that those are News from the ground. This is the real stuff! A great example of Crowdsourcing.

Yes, you might find some articles very “raw”, but that’s the great thing about it: those are real news, about real people. It’s what is really happening there. And, if you take a look, you will quickly get that what mainstream media are reporting is a drop in a ocean of blood that is being shed in Libya.

If you’d like to help, leave a comment at the “About us” page. I know they are really busy consuming all the material they already receive, but you never know. Even just spreading the link might help to give more visibility to the events that are causing so many deaths.

World Medical Camp Libya

Also, and this is really important, if you want to help in another very concrete way, please donate through World Medical Camp Libya. This is the real deal! Those people are making a real difference in a place were few quids can really save a life. They are not endorsed by any big, fat charity: every quid is spent and documented on the website, so you know where the value of your money goes.

P.S.: Oh, I almost forgot. FUCK Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi!!!