The Tote Lounger, by Diatom Studio

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Today I got a nice surprise in the post at work: my “Tote Lounger” had arrived. Few months ago I decided to contribute to a Kickstarter Project by 2 friends of mine: SketchChair.

The two guys are Greg and Tiago, and they run Diatom Studio. Here is a quote from their Kickstarter page:

[Diatom]( is a design studio that is exploring the possibilities of interaction, digital fabrication and computational design. We both graduated from the industrial design program at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Greg Saul is a designer, programmer and maker who wants to challenge the roles of the consumer and designer through his work, and was a visiting researcher at the JST ERATO Design UI Project in Tokyo. Tiago Rorke has spent time teaching and researching all things digital fabrication as a teaching fellow at Victoria University, and much of his work explores the boundaries between the art and design worlds.

But I’m sure you are here for some pictures. Here we go:


I do hope the guys turn this thing into a running business: I’d love to buy more models of SketchChair. Greg and Tiago did indeed an amazing job!