- Notes of Lesson 7, 8, 9 and 10

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I have been very busy at home and in the weekend, so I’m a bit behind with study and sharing my notes.

I just finished going through the very interesting lesson 9, and I now have to start with lesson 10. I plan to do it on Saturday: tomorrow is a special night! ;-)

Instead, regarding lesson 8, I just managed to put down the list of topics discussed, but for lack of time I didn’t put anything in writing just yet. Will eventually do it (maybe).

UPDATE 12 Nov 2011: I just finished putting down notes of Lesson 10. Very information dense, but I can see that Prof. Norvig went “easy” on us: Reinforcement Learning could have taken way more time.

Also, those two lessons are all about this guy below: better you get down and really study MDP. This stuff will hit us back in during the exams.

Andrey Markov Guess who is this guy?

Here is the links:

UPDATE 2: I’d strongly suggest you go through Mostafa Abedi’s blog. His notes and examples can really help to “iron out” doubts.