Me @ the Selenium Conference 2012

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It’s widely spread opinion that at some point of our career we, software people, should start giving speeches and talks. I’m firmly convinced that THAT is not for me, and I want to carve my ears out of my head every time I hear my heavily-accented-english, mixed with my ability to cut words and make the message come across barely understandable.

But, this presentation was really important to me: I presented my-work-so-far on building a PhantomJS WebDriver. I call it GhostDriver (provisional name).

Well, my terrible English aside, GhostDriver is underway. And once is done, it’s stable releases will be part of PhantomJS.

What I need now is a real hand from people that know how WebDriver internally works: so far the #selenium channel on (and the great people on it) has been an invaluable resource for me.

Wishing me good luck is a welcome gesture. But more welcome will be your Pull Requests! ;-)

Hey, you selfish, what about the conference?

Oh yes, I almost forgot! Selenium Conference 2012 was Really Good!!!

Organizers, speakers, venue: all great. Every topic was source of inspiration, both for your daily work, or for your career in general. But my favourite was the talk about MDD by Matt Wynne. Watch it and laugh! :)

Video of ALL the talks are on YouTube. Enjoy!