GhostDriver 1.0.3 is out!

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After few months of endless nights trying to figure out what I screwed up and where, I’m finally happy (enough) to release GhostDriver 1.0.3 into the wild.

This release is an hardening release: this means that it’s focused on bug-fixing and very little new features have been added.

GhostDriver 1.0.3 will be part of the upcoming PhantomJS 1.9 release, do in few days is now part of PhantomJS 1.9.0, and you can download binaries for various platform from

If you want to know what made it for the 1.0.3 cut, take a look at the Changelog.

I apologise in advance for whom have seen his “pet issue” not being implemented/fixed/addressed for this release, but it’s only one of me.

I’d like to take the time to thank the few brave souls that have contributed to this release with their code. In chronological contribution order:

Thanks guys! Keep being awesome!