GhostDriver 1.0.4, blog migration and blogging too little

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Yes, I’m not blogging enough. Yes, it’s a shame that the world can’t read my terrible English on a more regular basis. Yes, I’m lazy.

Well, here is a quick update for the few eager souls I have let down.


I have release GhostDriver 1.0.4 - “Arghan Div”. It should be released in the upcoming PhantomJS 1.9.2.

The code has been merged already into PhantomJS master branch so, if you are really keen on putting your hands on it, just do a ./ of that branch.

Blog migration

I’m planning to abandon my fork of Bloggart. I have written a “backupper” that uses Node.JS to download and save locally all the Pages and Posts stored in it. If you use Bloggart and want to “leave” as well, look in here.

I want to move to a static generated, file stored blog. I initially thought about building it myself, but then I realised I have no time so I’m going to use Jekyll. First tests look promising. I hope I’ll get around to do it. And I want to use GitHub Pages to host it.

I’ll probably have to make sure URLs are redirected properly, as I don’t know how much of my current hostname structure I can use on GitHub pages.

Blogging too little

One reason to migrate is that I think I’ll write more if I can dump my thoughts into text file and do a git push: loading a URL to the Admin interface of this blog and typing in a textarea is sort of difficult nowdays.

So that might make me blog more. Or not. I don’t know. Will see.