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No, il Cinguettio questa volta non basta. Ho una domanda per tutti gli utilizzatori di [en:Microsoft Windows] che mi seguono:: MA COME CAZZO FATE AD USARE QUELLA LOTA DI SISTEMA OPERATIVO? ho perso tipo 2 settimane un mese fa a configurarlo per bene in una partizione dedicato ho installato numero 2 giochi ([en:Gears of War] e [en:Race Driver: Grid], due ... read more

Viva la Vida

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I love this song. It’s just amazing: I loved it even before I read the Lyrics. And, actually, that’s the incredible things: no one seems to be “sure” about what exactly is the mean. Someone says it’s about Jesus (quite unlikly from my point of view: to see Jesus in there you need to “stretch” the meaning). The other, more ... read more


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Devo resistere. In fondo a cosa mi serve il [en:GPS] ed il [en:3G]? Ad andare piu’ veloce e piu’ facilmente (dato che la copertura 3G e’ di gran lunga superiore a quella 2.5G)? A poter andare in giro come turista e avere una mappa che mi localizza in maniera ancora piu’ precisa? Il [en:2.5G] e’ piu’ che sufficiente per: navigare ... read more


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Ma come si fa a mangiare un formaggio francese, che e’ la spudorata copia del Bel Paese (ma con in piu’ quel tocco di roba verde ammuffita sopra… -_- ), e Baguette alle 9 e 30 del mattino? Io mi tengo il mio caffe’ ed i cockie che mi sono mangiato prima di scendere… ;) ... read more

Cleaning Apple "Classic" Keyboard

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You know, I’m picky when it’s about woman and technology (and food, but not as much as for the previous). Apple, a while ago now, get rid of the the normal/classical keyboard with big and deep keys (that every proper geek/software engineer loves)… … to replace it with the crap, ultra slim, no-noisy, no-tasty, no-feedback alluminum+plastic keyboard. A shame. A ... read more

Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S

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I met one of those superior piece of art/technology/sculpture/car around the Tate Modern (just outside of it): Maserati Quattroporte Sport GT S. I couldn’t resist to take some pictures. ;) Maserati Quattropor</wbr>te Sport GT S ... read more


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It’s not another jigsaw, but you will never imagine how incredibly this number popped out O_o . Free to wonder in the comments! ;) ... read more

Politically Incorrect Poetry

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By mistake I missed the first issue of “10 Politically Incorrect Poetry” (a semantic translation of “10 Poesie Incivili”) from Andrea Camilleri (Wiki in Italian). A masterpiece. Published by MicroMega, the first issue contained 10 poetry, the second 5 (and sounds like there will be others…). They are all about Berlusconi, Fini, Bossi and the “Gentle-Opposition” of the Italian Democratic ... read more

Boring in the City

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I watched 3 minutes of Sex and the City (the Movie) and… I want to cut my throat an close myself in jail to avoid to have to suffer so much in life… again. HOW THE FUCK WOMAN WATCH THIS IMMENSE, BREATH-TAKING, OVERSIZED, HORRIFYING AMOUNT OF CRAP?!?!?! In 3 minutes there was only few concepts: We, as woman, are: Stupid ... read more