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Questo puzzle è per i miei amiconi Italiani. Se me lo risolvete al primo colpo bene. Se no, proseguo con gli indizzi. I commenti sono il luogo dove depositare la Vostra Comprensione. ... read more

Sirjy vs. Ivan

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</param></param></embed> I was going to sleep… but I couldn’t resist. So I woke up and I edited this little perl: the demonstration that I’m an Idiot! :) ... read more

T.P. #10

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Run Forrest, Run! Finally, I broke the 3 miles limit: 3.36 miles (around 5.41 kms!!!). No picture this time: just click here. P.S. And the Best is yet to Come! ;-) . ... read more

La Rimonta del Cornuto

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La Rimonta del Cornuto Qui ci sta bene questo: </param></param></embed> Title: Dalla Parte Del Toro Artisti: Caparezza Year: 2006 Via Repubblica.it. ... read more

A Fox in Boundary Row, London

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I was on my way to the office (yes, on Sunday: I have stuff to do ;) ), when I see something that doesn’t look correct or “in the right place”. A Fox in the middle of Boundary Row!!! A Fox in Boundary Row O_o I don’t know, probably was bringing to my desk Firefox 3 RC1 ;) Yes yes, ... read more

Debian on my NSLU2: The Revenge of the Swirl

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After some playing with Unslung on my Linksys NSLU2, I realize it was a “very limited solution” for our needs. We need to share 4 (sometimes 5) NTFS (or others) volumes, where everyone of them is 500GB: this is too much even for the modified firmware of Unslung, unable to read the full directory trees (and the contained files) of ... read more