Video of the Day

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</param></param></embed> Title: Star Wars Lightsaber Duel Abstract: One of the best Star Wars fan film vidoes here Finally, something very very “realistic” about [en:Lightsaber] :D . ... read more

Wooden-Made Binary Adding Machine

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</param></param></embed> Some math-and-woodcraft savant has built a binary adding machine made of wood and powered by falling marbles. If I’d had this during my University Boolean Math class, I would have grasped binary (and logic) a lot faster. ;) The “official website”: Binary marble adding machine. Source, Reddit. ... read more


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Di date del genere, specie negli ultimi anni, se ne possono ricordare molte….Di solito la popolazione mondiale, ed in particolare quella indiana, fa di tutto per legare una ricorrenza della propria vita a tali giorni “particolari” (quest’anno saranno moltissimi i matrimoni che si celebreranno a Nuova Delhi)!!!! Restando in ambito indiano, la mia ammirazione per una città in particolare, [it:Agra_(India)|Agra], ... read more

JPound su Java Italian Portal

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Dopo tanto tempo, un post in Italiano. Sono qui solo per segnalarvi che la mia Tesi su “Asterisk e JPound” (per qualche oscuro motivo a me ignoto ;) ) e’ stata pubblicata su Java Italian Portal tra i Tutorial (???). Spero che qualcuno possa trovarla utile a fini didattici, dato che non ho potuto continuare il suo sviluppo. ... read more

Me on Facebook

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No, I have not a Facebook account. It’s just a friend of mine, Vidula, that has putted pictures of us (Lennart, Sebastian, Serage, Vidula and me). How ugly I’m? :( ... read more

Where the Hell is ZFS?

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Ok, the features of Leo are not so “special” and “amazing” and “incredible”, but I suppose that, until October, Apple wants to still hide some secrets. But, WHERE THE HELL IS ZFS??? ... read more

Video of the Day

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</param></param></embed> Title: Unity in VMware Fusion for Mac OS X Abstract: Demonstration of VMware Fusion's upcoming Unity feature which allows users to interact with Windows applications on Mac OS X as if they were Mac applications. Source: TUAW. ... read more

S. Jobs is gonna kill J. Schwartz

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The information comes directly form Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems CEO. I hope am sure [en:Steve_Jobs|Steve] will not be angry for this: the WWDC is the next week… and [en:Jonathan_Schwartz|Schwartz] has revealed one of the BIGGEST FEATURES!!! Anyway, GREAT NEWS! Leopard is gonna be the BEST [en:Operating_System OS] for Desktops in the World. Source: TUAW and Mac Rumors. Edit: Thanks alhandra ... read more

Is like give a A Glass of Ice Water in the Hell

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I’m looking these 2 videos about the Chat between [en:Steve_Jobs S. Jobs] and [en:Bill_Gates B. Gates] at All Things Digital 2007. Actually I finished this: </embed> And on my way to see the most interesting one: PART 01 </embed> PART 02 </embed> PART 03 </embed> PART 04 </embed> PART 05 </embed> PART 06 </embed> PART 07 (the last one) </embed> ... read more