How to Make Mac Icons

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Are you curious about “how to make icons for Mac”? I’m. And TUAW have something for someone interested in the same thing. A few weeks ago, Matthew Cone showed us how Macinstruct’s beautiful icons, courtesy of the talented Gary Gehiere, came to be ( In that article, you were shown the beginning stages of icon design – how the meaning ... read more la blogosfera italiana insorge

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Sta uscendo fuori di tutto. Nemo sta facendo la sua analisi personale, raccogliendo testimonianze e scoprendo problemi e malfunzionamenti (che diavolo, pure il meteo fasullo(!!!)). Oltre che sprechi ingiustificati (ma questa forse è l’unica cosa chiara da subito). E’ stato aperto un blog in quattro e quattrotto (grazie a che si è posto come obiettivo quello analizzare per bene ... read more

Video of the Day

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</param></param></embed> Title: When Graphic Artists Get Bored Abstract: Amazing display of animal pictures changed into weird and wonderful things. PLEASE NOTE: I did not create these videos! I received them in an email and created the clip for them. I understand that they were made at Worth1000. Music: Blue Man Group Source, BlueVolvox. ... read more CMS da 45 Milioni di Euro

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No, non sto scherzando affatto. Potete constatare da soli: poco più… ma che dico… MOLTO MENO DI UN [en:CMS]! Ad un prezzo davvero concorrenziale: 45.000.000 €!!! Ma, c’è anche la beffa: andate su “Home > Note legali” (vi invito a notare il kilometrico indirizzo http che caratterizza le pagine interne: un lavoro davvero ben fatto direi; sai il [en:crawler] ... read more

Symbian Contract's Package/Box

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When I have seen it, the first thing I have thinked was: WOW! My new [en:MacBook Pro]!!! 8O Instead, it is the package of my new contract with Symbian as [en:Graduate] [en:Software Engineer]. On Zooomr a complete SmartSet (aka “Dynamic Gallery”)! What’s next? Mmmm, … I have to read a plenty of documents, sign a lot of pages and… understand ... read more

Secondo me ci siamo

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Sta per tornare. Stavolta non credo che ce la facciamo. Ma ce lo meritiamo… quindi. ... read more

Pirates doesn't want Vista

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In my opinion, Balmer is yelling because NO-ONE LIKES VISTA, PIRATES TOO!!! :D Instead, everyone is waiting for steal Leopard!!! ;) Source, Gustomela. ... read more

Julian Beever

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In English: Great! Insanelly Great! Modern Art has new ways and means to express itself with no doubt. Probably, the [en:Computer] it’s the biggest change we has: most of all for the Architecture. But, in the third millennium, people that can leave us without words still exists: people capable to make a Work of Art… from a draw with crayon ... read more

MS: «Was DES cracked? Really?»

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Yeasterday Nemo and I have found a post on OSSBlog about the new release of ophcrack 2.3.4. Ophcrack is a Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables. It is a very efficient implementation of rainbow tables done by the inventors of the method. It comes with a GTK+ Graphical User Interface and runs on [en:Windows], [en:Mac OS X] (Intel CPU) ... read more