Video of the Day

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</param></param></embed> Title: Lacquer: Behind Abstract: From Los Angeles to New York... in 4 minutes with a Car!!! Source, Autoblog. ... read more

Spanning Sync: iCal meets GCal

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Finally, someone makes it: it’s probabile the best fitting things for me and my iCal addiction.I have ever thinked about the possibilty of sync my iCall calendars (8 or 9… 8O ) with GCal, thinking that the Google WebApp is very very impressive and beautiful… but there was nothing that make it easy and effective.Now, the light at the end ... read more

What about a Firefox-based Bro... from M$?

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8O It’s Incredible/Horrible!!! It’s Microsoft(R) Firefox 2007 Professional!!! The new award-winning browser from Microsoft is now faster, securer and quicker anything else on the market. Why use anything else? ;) This is a Joke, obviously, but what do you think about a new Bro based on our lovelly Fox… from Bill? I don’t think it can be a future… and ... read more

Resume/CV updated!

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At my Resume Page you can find an updated version of my CV (Graduation ;) ). Alla mia pagina Resume potete trovare la versione aggiornata del mio CV (Laurea ;) ). ... read more

JPound has a new dedicated page

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Here. It contain some usefull information about it, resources, links, libraries and… my Graduation Thesis and Keynote. Take a look, if you are interested ;) ... read more

It's OVER!

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It’s Over, It’s Over! My graduation is here. Final “Score”: ... read more

JPound su OSSBlog

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2 Settimane fa sono stato contattato da Fullo (presumo di FulloBlog) per parlare del mio progetto di Tesi, JPound. L’intervista sarebbe stata pubblicata nella rubrica OSS…equi alla signora, su OSSBlog. Detto fatto. La cosa comica? La discuto DOMANI (2006-10-17) la Tesi!!! Fatemi un IBAL! ... read more

FSF Europe libera i CAP Italiani

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Fino a qualche giorno fa, Poste Italiane SPA e il Ministero delle Comunicazioni forniva sui rispettivi siti web l'elenco dei CAP delle località italiane gratuitamente e in formato universalmente accessibile. Dal 20 settembre 2006, in concomitanza con una riorganizzazione dell'elenco dei CAP, Poste Italiane ha modificato la sua politica: dal suo sito rende possibile la ricerca di singoli CAP, ma ... read more