NetBeans 5.0RC1

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Official NetBeans 5.0RC1 page. Source, Here are some of the cool features in this release: * Developing NetBeans Modules * Matisse GUI Builder * Servers * Web Frameworks * Web Services * Editor Enhancements * Code Completion * Refactoring * Version Control * Debugging * Other Usability Improvements * New NetBeans Add-on Packs Personally, I prefer Eclipse much too ... read more

Apple worth more then Dell

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In August 2005 I was thinking about purchasing Apple quotes: $43/45 was a good price for my wallett ;) . My Bank, instead, wants from me “things that I don’t have” (other moneys) to allow me to operate on the US market. Today is a good day but, if I had purchased some Apple quotes at that time, now I ... read more

GNU/Linux Command reference

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A big one: Linux Shortcuts and Commands. An italian book that have a dedicated chapter: Linux Facile. Source: OSSBlog. ... read more

elilo: boot on EFI machine

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Linux, as we can expect from the linux-comunity, are ready for the EFI system that will substitute the old BIOS system on our (x86) machine. EFI is the boot-system used on the new MacIntel machine, presented from Apple at Jan 10. What it means? It means that we can install and run on EFI-enabled machine every Operating System, also which ... read more

GTK+ howto from IBM DeveloperWorks

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A collection of howto on Gtk+ on the rich DeveloperWorks website from IBM. 2 articles are available right now: Why use Gtk+? How to use Gtk+ Source, OSSBlog. ... read more

Altri piani per questo MacWorld?

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Io credo proprio di NO! Su MelaBlog, ci sarebbe una “presunta” (dato che, ovviamente, la fonte non è citabile) intervista ad un manager di Apple: "Stasera ero al bar, quando ho incontrato un vecchio amico, che ha una posizione molto alta in Apple. Odio citare fonti anonime, ma fidatevi, lui conosce come stanno le cose. Mi ha detto che il ... read more

Play WinMediaFiles in QT

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Microsoft, because of the STOP to development of Windows Media Player for MacOSX, make a page on our site where we can download a nice thing: a plugin for QuickTime aims to view Windows Media Files. Seems to be a good product: I will update you soon. The plugin is Flip4Mac. The company behind this piece of code is Telestream, ... read more

Letter to Apple Support

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From: xyz@abc.123 Subject: Powerbook support Date: January 10, 2006 4:55:31 PM ET To: Apple Tech Support Hello, I purchased a new Powerbook three weeks ago. It was working fine until a few hours ago when you announced the new Intel-powered MacBook Pro at MacWorld and I started to cry. "Four to fives times faster," I sobbed, "a built-in iSight, and ... read more

Linux != Windows

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!= This funny article is here: Thanks to KM. ... read more