Dell install FF on new machines

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It’s a great news: one of the biggest PC-vendor of the planet thinking about install FireFox on new machines. The butterfly effect on Redmond? :twisted: Read MacCity article. ... read more

WineXT: no, not the emulator.

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WineXT is a MacOSX software (not free, sorry) to archive and manage a good wine cellar (or a wine shop, but I don’t know if have the support for wine selling ;)). A related link here. Read on MacCity. ... read more

Gennuary 24 2006: new ATI X1900

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I have no money (probably, as you know) and on my old and noisy linux-box have a simple GeForce-2 MX inside. But I hope a day to have enough money for a MONSTER like this: On MacCity, an article about the next x1900. ... read more

AMD without chips

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This was the most accredited motivation that causes Apple to choose Intel against AMD. I prefer AMD but… seems to be that Intel are much more “efficient”. And “in Jobs we trust”, right :D? See here. ... read more

Intel, new core and new slogan: it's OFFICIAL!

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Hypothetical new logos: here. Hypothetical new slogan: Intel, leap ahead. Eric Kim, Marketing CEO of Intel, say: Simple expression that highlights who we are and where we go. In this article (in italian) on MacCity there are some other informations about this “revolution”: the Pentium name will die. Names like “Core Solo” or “Core Duo” will be the news. Read ... read more

New layout for

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Today, after the “fast switch” to WP2.0, I decide to change my layout: after I saw it on Firefox and IE on a CRT monitor (I work always on my lovelly IceBook) and… orrible. At the same time, I founded the K2 theme engine (simple and clean). And the Chameleon stylesheet on that page (very good base). With a little ... read more

Migrated to WordPress 2.0

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I have migrated my site to WordPress 2.0 today. But, as you can se, some changes are “under the hood”. In particular, significative changes are for the Admin: read here, here and here. Want’s to migrate to WP2.0? Read this BEAUTIFUL guide (from codex, obviously), and download this AMAZING piece of code here. If you loved the Administrative interface of ... read more

Feeds Icons

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Help establish the new standard It’s the title of a new Web Site that have the objective of make a new standard: the Firefox Feeds Icon. A new standard is being established to identify syndacated content. You can help by adding this icon to your site. Link to the official web site. I recommend to use it ;). ... read more