iPod: ancor più, il tuo miglior compagno di viaggi

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ItalyGuides ci segnala la nascita di una interessantissima iniziativa: grazie ad iPodGuides é possibile scaricare sul proprio iPod (ma anche su cellulari capaci di leggere mp3) la guida audio per i maggiori centri di attrazione turistico-artistica italiani. Finalmente, non sarete più costretti a stare appresso a noiose ed arbitrariamente tediose bandierine gialle che vi guidano durante la visita delle meraviglie ... read more


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BlogFS is a FUSE filesystem allowing you to mount your WordPress blog on your local filesystem. It uses XML-RPC and the MetaWeblog API to communicate with WordPress. It might work on other MetaWeblog compatible weblogs, but it has only been tested with the single user edition of WordPress 1.5. ... read more

Shiira 1.2

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This browser is a beauty “piece of code”: use the WebKit rendering engine and is full of good, usefull, great ideas. It’s very slim and fast (as Safari) and have some functionality that I saw only in FF extensions. Homepage here. Screenshots here. ... read more

Apple Newton: Apple did PDA

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I don’t know this: Apple, in past, did PDA. Apple Newton. Here a wikipedia article. And here an article (in italian) of Melablog about a museum dedicated to this fashinating PDA. ... read more

Google's Top Gainers of 2005

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Here is the “classifications” of the most requested things on Google web-search engine during the 2005. Very interesting this: Google.com - Top Gainers of 2005 1. Myspace 2. Ares 3. Baidu 4. wikipedia 5. orkut 6. iTunes 7. Sky News 8. World of Warcraft 9. Green Day 10. Leonardo da Vinci Very notable (for me, obviously) are wikipedia (4), iTunes ... read more

Probably, the next processors for iBook...

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... Il dual core dovrebbe chiamarsi “Centrino Duo” (confermando parzialmente una precedente ipotesi) e sarà disponibile in una versione a basso consumo (velocità disponibili 1,5 GHz, 1,66 GHz e 1,83 GHz) ed in una ad alte performance (1,66 GHz, 1,83 GHz, 2 GHz e 2,16 GHz). Le versioni “performance” potrebbero essere annunciate più tardi. Sempre Think Secret azzarda uno Yonah ... read more

CBT - Computer Based Training

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It’s a new and interesting site that offers some sceencast about various arguments. One of the most interesting is: Linux DNS Server 38 minutes 28 seconds This video explains how to set up a DNS server on a GNU/Linux server. In the video I explain a little bit about how DNS works, then I install and configure BIND in a ... read more

Fish: a new Unix Shell

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fish is a user friendly command line shell for UNIX-like operating systems such as Linux. Bash is a standard (de facto), as every *nix user now but… this is the beauty of the OpenSource: any other programmer can think “hey, I want to remake this in another way!” and, than, do! Fish is a beautiful example. For screenshots-addicted users (like ... read more

Googled Blog

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Google offers a great variety of services for users that wants to promote and make more reliable our site: Google Sitemaps Google AdSense Google AdWords Today, I register detronizator.org on that services and updated the theme with some components: “Google Search Bar”, “Google AdSense”, “Google Referral”. I make also the Sitemap of my Blog with this. Now, CLICK ON EVERY ... read more