My Projects

I love what I do. Computer Science, Software Development and relata are integral part of my daily life. I have different projects (mostly mini projects) going on: sometimes I am relentless.

Open Source stuff

In the last two years I started to host my projects on GitHub: it’s fast, it’s simple, it a great free service and, very important, it’s based on mighty Git.

My code on GitHub


Non Open Source stuff

I’m a strong supporter of Open Source: both as a way of doing stuff, and as a principle in itself. But there is also some stuff that I like to keep closed (for now at least).

Take a look to this page child pages for more info.

Old University stuff

In addition, there are some older projects that I developed during university. They are mostly low-quality code, but at that time they made me get some very good scores :).

I have a “personal attachment” to them, and I didn’t want to toss it. You can find them under /Projects/Old Projects.