Old projects

This page is a “hub” for old university projects that, for sentimental attachment, I don’t want to bin. Here is a list with a short description and a link to get more information, in case you find yourself interested.


JPoundis a Control and Configuration System for Asterisk PBX Based on the ARA (Asterisk Realtime Architecture) and builded with DB-Centric-Systems in mind, JPound is a young but powerful (I hope ;)) idea to make Asterisk a complete, manageable, extensible, flexible Phone System. Link.


J2EE + SOAP + WSDL Framework for generic Client-Server communication based on Web Services. The proof-of-concept covered three kind of clients: J2ME Device, Desktop App and Web App. Link (in Italian).

MGS - Multithreaded Game Server

C++ Multi-Threaded Game Server that allowed generic types of multi-user virtual-room based games. The provided client was plain Telnet: the whole communication was based on sockets, with an home-made protocol. Link.

PSH - Patty SHell

The project consisted of the implementation of a Unix Shell in ANSI C using ONLY POSIX System Calls. Link.

Essay: VLAN

This was more a “documentary” project. The essay describes what VLAN are, how are they normally implemented (down to the bits), the protocol used by standard and proprietary VLAN and some usage examples. Link (PDF) (HTML Zip) (all links are in Italian).