Enable Tethering on iPhone 3.0

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I found this page that sends you via email the right “Profile” for iPhone 3.0 to enable tethering. No Jailbrake or Unlocking required: it just works. After you install the profile, enable Tethering and follow the instructions on the phone. If you decide to use Bluetooth, after you pair the device with your laptop, just configure it as “network port” ... read more

From Daniele Luttazzi's "Gym"

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This morning, while I was reading the Daniele Luttazzi’s blog and his series of post called “La Palestra” (“The Gym” in English), I decided that was worth it to translate some of the best I read. “The Gym”? Luttazzi publishes satyric jokes on his blog, from a collection of ones that he receives from his fans. But why? Because I ... read more

How to understand Berlusconi

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Last episode of the latest “Passate Parola” episode of the great Marco Travaglio. </param></param></param></embed> I wish it was in English: it would simplify a lot the life of who would like to understand the “Berlusconi’s Story”. There are Italian subtitles though: it could be useful for someone that is able to read Italian at lease. ... read more

At the Google I/O 2009

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Just a quick one. First day of the Google I/O 2009 in San Francisco (CA). Apart from a lot of informative and interesting topics and breakout sessions (I mainly focused on App Engine and Android), I came back at home full of: Stickers T-shirt Google Chrome comic paperback version A brand new "Google I/O device", that is a black HTC ... read more

"Improving the developer experience", Symbian Foundation blog: my comment

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I just wrote a comment to an article I read on the Symbian Foundation blog: “Improving the developer experience”, by David Wood. I think it’s worth replicating it here: detronizator Says: May 18, 2009 at 9:58 AM @Mark Burton: I had EXACTLY the same experience. It was like jumping back to the “future” of software development and see that IT’S ... read more

Typewriter: an Idea just popped into your mind

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From "Who's Minding the Store", by Jerry Lewis </param></param></param></embed> From "Decameron - La Macchina da Scrivere", by Daniele Luttazzi (blog) </param></param></param></embed> "Ciccotti e la Macchina da Scrivere", by Tommaso Ciccotti </param></param></param></embed> ... read more

Sounds like a good plan...

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Good Jobs Here at Home </param></param></param></embed> Ending Bad Habits </param></param></param></embed> I wish I had such a President: I don’t know if he is really going to do what he says, but at least he says correct and agreeable things. ... read more