Not Funny!

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</param></param></param></embed> LOL!!! ... read more

It happens to me all the time

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How do you end Parenthetical Statement with Emoticons? To be honest? I can’t work out what’s the right thing to do. But I know that I normally do the send option: even if it looks “ugly” it does follow a logical pattern. The second one is too “messy” for a control freak like me ;-) How do you normally solve ... read more

Culinary Nationalism

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Only a country like Italy could do something stupid like this. In english: The Tuscan city of Lucca has imposed a ban upon foreign eateries in its historic centre, in a move described by critics as racism. The city council voted to deny new licences to bars or restaurants with a ‘non-Italian style of cooking’ within the boundary of the ... read more

Google Latitude on iPhone? Background Process?

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Google just introduced a new service, Latitude. I will not go in the details of explaining what it does, simply because the official web page is detailed enough, and has a nice/fancy video. What is relevant for me is the list of phone with which it will work: Will it work with my phone? Google Latitude is a feature of ... read more

Windows 7 in 6 different sauces

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Images and Videos say more than ever here. -_-' Here it comes again!!! -_-' Steve, please say something: </param></param></param></embed> Source: The Apple Lounge ... read more

I miei commenti a "Napoli: La Storia"

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Ho visto anche io il DVD di “Napoli: La Storia”, prestatomi dal mio amico Nemo. Non voglio dilungarmi, tanto sono opinioni personali. Una ragazza con meno brufoli la potevano trovare Una ragazza più espressiva la potevano trovare Una ragazza con un naso meno "largo" la potevano trovare Ritengo stupido e poco convincente dire che Napoli è quello che è perché ... read more

Yet another Theme

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Yes, still experimenting with Themes. This one is “Emplode”, by A little bit more classic than the previous one. I like it’s clean and slick style, but with classic and “paper-ish” colors. Let’s see if it last or I change my mind again. ... read more