The Berserk of Ignorance

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There is this article from the Financial Times that I would like to link here but, because it needs a registration (that I strongly support you to do), I quote it here: Italian party seeks to block new mosques By Paul Bompard in Rome Published: August 25 2008 02:24 | Last updated: August 25 2008 02:24 Italy’s Northern League, the ... read more

Arsenal vs FC Twente

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Arsenal Stadium and Champions League Tickets I know is just Twente and that’s just a Preliminary of Champions League, but is still the Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium ;) And I’ll go there with Don Fabio: not just anyone!!! ... read more

Even the Irish Times...

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… knows what a knob/dickwad is Bondi. I would like to drive your attention to one particular sentence in the end: ... Mr Bondi has, however, had nothing to say about the artistic merits of the "popular" entertainment that passes for serious broadcasting on the TV channels owned by his political master, Mr Berlusconi. This is not the first time ... read more

I sold my Love

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No, not that Love! That one has no price! This one. For £255.00!!! Anyone wonders why? ;) ... read more

Dijkstra on Ferragosto

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No, Ferragosto is an Italian Holiday only. Here we are working (quite) hard. But a break is allowed to everyone, isn’t it? I found this “extract” of Selected Writings on Computing: A Personal Perspective, by Edsger W. Dijkstra (Springer-Verlag, 1982. ISBN 0–387–90652–5). How do we tell truths that might hurt? Sometimes we discover unpleasant truths. Whenever we do so, we ... read more

I like angry techs

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I wrote about Hadoop some time ago (for “some reasons”) and I did EXACTLY what Ted Dziubas says here. But I’m not offended at all: he is 100% right! And I strongly suggest to take a look at this article: in the middle of his swearing there is, actually, some good stuff about “what is going on in the Web2.0 ... read more


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Ma che sfaccimm!!! A 3 giri dalla fine? -_- ... read more

Not Dead, Just Busy!

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No, I’m not Dead. I’m just “very Busy” guys ;) A lot of things are happening at the same time: as soon as I have more time I’ll speak about it. I’ll just make a list of things I would like to speak about… if I would have time to do so: My new Job in France Telecom R&D UK ... read more

Inferno in London

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Galeotto fu il Post e Chi lo lesse ;) Inferno in London Letto il primo capitolo: promette sorprese interessanti ;) . ... read more