Cooliris releases PicLens 1.7

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I have already highlighted in the past this project. Now I’m delighted to report that version 1.7 is out, and… it’s a great one!!! We are thrilled to announce the launch of PicLens Version 1.7 with three exciting additions: Shop Amazon-- The 3D Wall transformed image search. Now PicLens launches online shopping into the 21st century. Browse and buy seamlessly ... read more

Highlander di Alluminio

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Coca di fianco al mio MBP. Una mano agitata di troppo (e’ la mia natura, non ci posso fare niente). Una superficie di alluminio e plastica metallizzata… ricoperta interamente di friccicante coca. Spegnimento istantaneo automatico (ancora non so perche’, ma dalla velocita’ e l’immediatezza assumo sia presente un sensore water-proof). 1299 pound che salutano con la manina, insieme ad una ... read more


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This was one of the few tv programs I liked when I arrived in UK (of course, just after BBC News ;-) ): some of the accents that the Fonejacker does were (and some still are) quite difficult, but… it’s super funny anyway. </param></embed> F**k off!!! Official web site: ... read more

A new, even bigger City

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After a year and a couple of months I’m going to leave Symbian Software Ltd. (London). It has been a very good experience as my first job in [en:UK]: a way to grow mainly, first as a [en:Man], then as a [en:Software Engineer]… and then professionally in general. A lot of interesting, inspiring, intelligent people (and a lot of NOT), ... read more

Nokia should Learn, not Teach

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From Slashdot: Nokia Urges Linux Developers To Be Cool With DRM superglaze writes in to note that according to Nokia's software chief, its plans for open source include getting developers to accept things like DRM, commercial IP rights, and SIM locks. «[Ari] Jaaksi admitted that concepts like these "go against the open-source philosophy," but said they were necessary components of ... read more

Google I/O 2008 - Keynote

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</param></embed> Title: Keynote for Google I/O 2008: Client, Connectivity, and the Cloud. Abstract: Featuring Vic Gundotra, Allen Hurff (MySpace), Steve Horowitz, Kevin Gibbs, Mark Lucovsky, Bruce Johnson, David Glazer, Nat Brown (iLike). I’m at minute 23 and it looks very very interesting and relevant (for every developer in any field). So, sit tight, grab a coke/beer/cigarette/juice/whatever-you-like and… listen carefully. ... read more

Worse than being unable to Sleep...

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… is being woke up at 8:32 on Sunday Morning, after you went to sleep around 02:30. Wake Up! Now! And not just woke up “politely”: your flatmate comes back at home and turn on his super-laudly-hard-techno-rock-massive-disruptive music. I leave at you to imagine the rest. Ah, by the way: just attached to his room, in the flat next to ... read more

Jigsaw 04

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phtt://ttlaarnse.gglooe.mco/tlsaantre_t Sono esterrefatto. Avete lo spirito di osservazione di un Iguana Argentina Estinta. Dove sono Il Bradipo o Nemo (lo so dove e’, don’t worry) o Il Biondo. Insomma, gli intelligenti? ... read more

Jigsaw 03

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اعجاب مدى التعقيد هي القيام 02 (01) لك! PS Tra poco, pure chi non capisce l’Italiano risolve questo Enigma. ... read more