First Official iPhone SDK Interface Builder Tutorial

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I received this letter from Apple this morning: Log in to the iPhone Dev Center and download the third beta version of the iPhone SDK. Make sure to take advantage of all the development resources available to you in the iPhone Dev Center, including updated documentation such as the iPhone OS Programming Guide, a new tutorial for creating iPhone applications ... read more

Bonino: altra occasione persa

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Interessato a seguire ancora un pochino la vicenda di Rete 4 e della MAXI MULTA che la Corte di Giustizia Europea ci fara’ pagare, ho letto questo post di [it:Travaglio Marco_Travaglio] (dal blog Voglio Scendere, su cui scrivono anche Pino Corrias e Peter Gomez): Europa 7: vieni avanti decretino. Quello che mi va pero’ di riportarvi e’ la Lettera che ... read more

Into the Android

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Last 2/3 months I used a bit of my free time studying Android the so called “Google OS”, that is the result of the Open Handset Alliance. In this relatively short amount of time I had the possibility to collect information from the official sources, as well as from very interesting and active forums (like this one and this one). ... read more

Guagliu'... (La password e' uno dei miei nick piu' famosi)

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Questo messaggio e’ per informarvi che alla fine del mese scendo. I dettagli del mio e-ticket: -------------- YOUR ITINERARY -------------- British Airways booking reference: C'ho cazz! Arresc ca cocc strunz s'appresent all'aereoport o'post me giust p'm' fa nu scfregg!!! :P Passenger(s): MR IVAN DEMARINO Flight number: BA2608 From: Gatwick (London) Terminal N To: Naples (Italy) Depart: 30 Apr 2008 17:45 ... read more


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</param></embed> Title: Morpherage PS This video was done using iMovie in… 20 minutes. ... read more

Dove sono (Politicamente)?

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Lo so, non posso votare. Ma dopo Nemo e mio fratello, ho deciso di perdere ‘sti 10 minuti e fare ‘sto test. Io sono qui! (Elezioni Aprile 2008) Per ulteriori dettagli, potete cliccare sull’immagine o qui. ... read more

Loop Rebooting iPhone: how to fix it

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I was playing with my Jailbroken iPhone when I decided to install OpenSSH and login. 1 minute after I discovered there is a password I should use to login: for user root is alpine for user mobile is dottie After I connected to my loved iPhone trough SSH (don’t be impatient: it takes a minute or two for it’s ARM ... read more

The Best 1st of April's Pranks... EVER!

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</param></param></embed> Virgle : The Adventure Of Many Lifetimes. Other Pranks BigG did in the past: Gmail Custom Time; Be on time. Every time. Google gDay : Search tomorrow's web, Today. Gmail Paper. I have to say: when they want to do it, they do it well! ... read more