Con un giorno di ritardo...

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</param></param></embed> Title: Sei Sicura Author: J-Ax Album: Di Sana Pianta Anno: 2006 Sei sicura che io sono davvero quello giusto sicura che non vuoi un'altro uomo magari un po' più a posto sei sicura di volerne uno che in testa ha una guerra sei sicura di volere raccogliere i vestiti da terra sei sicura di sopportare l'odore del malumore e ... read more

Mission Accomplished

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Migration to BlueHost done. I just lost all my [en:Page Rank] O_o I don’t understand why, but the only time interval without service was yesterday night: how is it possible? Anyway, now we are on a new Hosting Service: soon also the [en:DNS] will be migrated accordingly ;) ... read more

Picture of the Day

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Today I have 2 personal albums to show. Be ready to Laugh! ;) Relocation Day: from All Saints to Southwark Sorting out my new Room in 17 Windmill House Yes, in all of them the main “subject” is Serage ;) ... read more

PicLens: Pictures in a Cool Way

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Normally I don’t spend time suggesting Add-ons/Plugins for Firefox or other stuff like that, but this is GREAT! Cooliris PicLens (here the Firefox Add-on Page), available on Windows & Mac; working with [en:Internet Explorer IE], Firefox and [en: Safari] (too!!!). Just install it, then go on any Flickr, Picasa, Facebook, wathever service that expose an [en:RSS] feed of pictures and… ... read more

Proud of my Bro'

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Ieri sono stato ricoperto di Orgoglio. E’ un grande. Lui si che lo e’. Ricordo quando da piccolo, nella mia mente, lui era sempre debole. Lui era quello da difendere. Ma allo stesso tempo quello di cui “dovevo dissimulare la difesa”: lui e’ sempre stato orgoglioso (ma penso che sia una cosa di famiglia ;-) ). E pensare che mi ... read more

Symbian OS explained by Andrew Tanenbaum

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[en:Andrew Tanenbaum] recently released the 3rd edition of Modern Operating Systems, and there is a brand new chapter about [en:Symbian OS]. Prof. Andrew Tanenbaum - Sexy, isn't it? ;) I think that this is a reflection of the importance that Symbian OS has at present. This also means that more people will probably learn about Symbian OS as part of ... read more

Getting C++ Threads Right

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Hans Boehm has given a very interesting lecture on “Getting C++ Threads Right” at Google last month. The lecture is available in video format from here ABSTRACT The advent of multicore processors has generated profound debate on the merits of writing parallel programs with threads and locks. Nonetheless, for many application domains, this remains the standard paradigm for writing parallel ... read more

Picture of the Day

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Figure 1: Comprehensible, and therefore wrong, software process. Figure 2: More complicated, and therefore better, software process. Figure 3: Simplified Software Process (SSP) model. Pretty dumb. Incredibly popular. ... read more

One day you are here, the other...

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It’s incredible. She was here around with us, working with us. Managing the career of people. Of Software Engineer like me. English: controlled, polite but sociable and engaged and enthusiast in her job. Vomiting. Strong Vomiting. Anyone assumed was just a Virus of the Flue a little bit stronger than usual. My Engineering Manager’s email of yesterday: What Suzanne thought ... read more