The only Eye that I miss

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I hope you'll better soon my Love. Your Eye is the only [en:London_Eye|Eye] that I miss [en:London|here]. ... read more


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I already knew this service… but only now I’m becoming addicted!!! There is nothing better during the working day. Simply. Smart. Nice. Fast. And… it Work! You can follow me on Last.FM using the “widget” on the right (look at the sidebar). ... read more


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[en:London] is one of the best place… if you want to steal an iPod: as average, every train in the tube has 10 iPods inside. And other 5 are inside any bus. But, because of this, the number of pod-snatching is very very high, and you can see in every station (particularly in Camden Town ;)) ads suggesting to “take ... read more

Video of the Day

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</param></param></embed> Title: United 300 Abstract: 2007 MTV MOVIE AWARD Winner! First ever Best Spoof award, handed out by Samuel L. Jackson himself - Watch as 300 Spartans stand their ground against German Hijackerrs.. Dear KM, this is for you ;-) . ps From the loading of the page of YouTube to the real moment I found it I spent… less ... read more

Said by...

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Non prendermi sul serio. Io non scherzo mai! Don't take me seriously. I never joke! Me. ;) ... read more

Intervista Scritta a Luttazzi

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La trovate sul sito del suddetto. Con fin’anche i tagli operati dai giornalisti per “esigenze di spazio”. Sempre un grande Daniele. ... read more

Risposta ad OSS|

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Ieri sono passato, come di consueto, su OSS| e cosa ci trovo? Un brevissimo articolo su alcuni commenti che Nigel Clifford, CEO di Symbian, ha fatto su Linux e sul mercato degli smartphone con i piedi palmati. Ho provato ad inserire la mia risposta sul relativo post… ma niente. Dice che sto spammando. Quindi… provvedo a farlo da qui. Allora. ... read more

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Life is made up of sobs, sniffless, and smiles, with sniffles predominating. O. Henry (also known as William Sydney Porter). ... read more