Is like give a A Glass of Ice Water in the Hell

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I’m looking these 2 videos about the Chat between [en:Steve_Jobs S. Jobs] and [en:Bill_Gates B. Gates] at All Things Digital 2007. Actually I finished this: </embed> And on my way to see the most interesting one: PART 01 </embed> PART 02 </embed> PART 03 </embed> PART 04 </embed> PART 05 </embed> PART 06 </embed> PART 07 (the last one) </embed> ... read more

Good Luck Grace

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A friend of mine (one of the Best’s ;)) will do the Final Exam… just Tomorrow (28th of May 2007)! I’m now in London and the exam will be in Naples, so… I’ll not be present :( . But my Soul, my Friendship and my Heart will be there… Good Luck Grace P.S.: Ti voglio un Mondo di Bene!!! ... read more

Resume/CV updated!

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In English: At my Resume Page you can find an updated version of my CV (New Symbian Employement and ASD Certification). In Italiano: Alla mia Pagina Resume potete trovare la versione aggiornata del mio CV (Nuovo impiego in Symbian e Certificazione ASD). ... read more

Who wants to work in Symbian?

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Guys, it’s time. If someone want to apply, as Graduate or (better) as Professional… it is a pleasure for me to do. Actually I’m thinking about: Alexa Faucho Ugo Other good candidates, but that I think not interested are: SbatMan Biondo Eligio Nemo Ayor Luke But, if someone wants to apply, let me know. Go on for more details ... read more

Champagne, the Name of a strage Wine

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Almost 5 weeks ago a collegues (and now friend) of mine was wondering about the name of “Champagne”: ... Wines from the Champagne region were already known before medieval times. Churches owned vineyards, and monks produced wine for use in the sacrament of Eucharist. French kings were traditionally anointed in Reims. Champagne wine flowed as part of coronation festivities. Kings ... read more

Video of the Day

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</param></param></embed> Title: Star Wars kid Drunken Jedi </param></param></embed> Title: Star Wars Kid Matrix Very very Funny!!! ;) On YouTube is available the “making-of” also. ... read more

Beating Heart disease All Together

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It’s the name of a very funny (and smart) campain of the “British Heart Foundation”, that wants to help any “over 50” (but why not also “under 50” ;-) ) to take “30 Minuts everyday” to do… something good for their hearts. The [en:British_Heart_Foundation|B.H.F.] has make a lot of funny ads (there are a lot of them everywhere here in ... read more

A little piece of bits

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I don’t know HOW but… I’m online. Someone, for my luckyness, doesn’t know the meaning of the words like “Security”, “Privacy”, “Protection”, “Encryption”, “Authorization”, “Identification”… It’s not a post, it’s only to say that “I’m not dead”: I have only little problems. I'm now a London Citizen (I live at the 253 of Horn Lane, near North Acton Tube Station) ... read more

Matrix Consulting sta cercando Te!

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Matrix Consulting ( cerca grafici e programmatori per creare un team affiatato per espandersi nel mondo del multimedia (siti, presentazioni, videogiochi, spot). Gradita esperienza web e conoscenza dei principali linguaggi di programmazione (Java, C++, ActionScript, ASP, PHP, ecc…). Per i grafici è necessaria un’infarinatura di grafica vettoriale. Cerchiamo personale di tutti i livelli di esperienza sia tirocinanti che professionisti. Se ... read more