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Because of the numerous requests ( :P ) I have registered my weblog on FeedBurner. Last comments too. Subscribe quickly: I have activated a plenty of features of FeedBurner. I didn’t know how rich it is. Ah: to integrate FeedBurner in my Wordpress more easly, I have used the WP FeedBurner Plugin from OrderedList.com. ... read more

E la chiamano "Giornata di Informazione Tecnologica"...

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Oggi ho partecipato alla “Giornata di Informazione Tecnologica” organizzata dal Centro di Ateneo per i Sistemi Informativi (C.S.I.) della “Federico II”. In questa giornata Microsoft Italia ci ha deliziato con un programma di tutto rispetto: [en:.NET_Framework_3.0|.Net Framework 3.0] [en:Windows_Presentation_Foundation|Windows Presentation Foundation] [en:Office_2007|Office System 2007] Microsoft [en:SQL_Server_2005|SQL Server 2005] [en:Windows Vista] Dopo questa intera giornata di auto-fustigazione (resistere dal picchiare fisicamente ... read more

My new PGP Public Key

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Not so important: I have updated my PGP Public Key. Please, update it if interested. It’s downloadable from my Bio-page http://www.detronizator.org/bio/. ... read more

Dynamic Google Page Rank for Detronizator.org

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Today is a great day ( :P ): I have added Google Page Rank calculation on the sidebar (→) of my weblog. It’s possible thanks to the [en:PHP] class “Google Page Rank Checker” by Emre Odabas, hosted on PHPClasses (the most important source-of-code-and-snippets for PHP Developers). The class calculates “only” the integer value (between 1 and 10): the graphic representation ... read more

Why I love UK? A Bit of Blair and Fry

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Few days ago I had changed the subtitle of my [en:weblog] Consider yourself Perfectible makes you Perfect! It’s not about me… or, better, it’s not ONLY about me. It’s about EVERYTHING. About Countries too. What it means? Follow me… Today I have listened (and readed) this podcast entitled “PM (Prime Minister) and Stephen Fry reflect on modern Britishness”: it’s the ... read more

The Google Masterplan

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The video, for first: </param></param></embed> The official site of this “project” is: http://masterplanthemovie.com/. Personally, I think only few of these “considerations” are sharable: they should give the source of assertations like “Google and CIA collaboration” and “Google genetic research”. But, in terms of quality of the video, IT IS AMAZING: an incomparable level of ideas, post-production and super-graphic!!! Source, DownloadBlog. ... read more

DRM and Jobs

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[en:Steve_Jobs|Jobs] has published a long article about [en:DRM|DRM (Digital Right Management)], [en:FairPlay] and Music: “Thoughts on Music”. It’s the official answer of Apple to the dispute (and lawsuit) borned in [en:Norway] against the DRM system of the [en:Cupertino]’s Company, and that is rising in other countries also. S. Jobs explains three possible way to face up the problem of DRM ... read more

The BEST Apple Ad

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Absolutelly the BEST! No Way! </param></param></embed> :D :D :D :D :D ... read more

Happy Birthday - 2007

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In risposta al mio amico Nemo, questo post è un auto-augurio di Buon Compleanno. Mentre io sono in procinto di levarmi dai Coglioni partire per un nuovo Lavoro in terra Britannika, lui ha iniziato da qualche settimana gli studi per la Tesi. Poi magari, se non si caca troppo sotto dell’aereo se ha i soldi, mi viene pure a trovare ... read more

I want one of it... DESPERATELY!

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First, the video from TopGear: </param></param></embed> Title: Top Gear - The Carver Abstract: The carver is perhaps the greatest gadget and coolest less then 4 wheel vehical on the planet. Vanderbrink (no way to find out this brand over the Internet) is the brand if you want to look it up. They are available in the US but are classified ... read more