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Cercasi DONNA: <ul> Colta <li>Intelligente</li> <li>Profonda</li> <li>Possibilmente Carina</li></ul> Per stuzzicare la mia fantasia e risvegliare la mia capacità di amare alla follia.</strong> ... read more


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Log4E is an Eclipse Plugin which helps you to set up your logger easily in Java Projects. It assists you in several tasks: logger declaration, logger Insertions at certain method entries, substitution of System out's, modification of already existing logger statements. Log4E has active support for Log4j, Commons Logging and JDK 1.4 Logging. By defining your own templates you might ... read more

Picture of the Day

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Today, 2 pictures: Thing: The Glory Hole Abstract:The Glory hole is a non- regulated spillway, which is located about 200 feet behind the dam. The outside diameter of the Glory hole is 72 feet. The hole in the center tapers down to no less than 28 feet. The distance from the crest (top edge), to the exit point which is ... read more

Resume/CV updated!

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Finally I catch much time to rewrite my Resume. It’s Europass CV Compliant, but written with Latex and the Document Class “europecv” by Nicola Vitacolonna, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science - University of Udine, Italy. If interested, take a look. ... read more

Picture(s) of the Day

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Title: Mathematic Sender: Tato aka Faucho ps. Finally, I have a second to publish these “meaningfull” pictures. ... read more

Video of the Day

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<embed .../> Title: Gran Turismo HD at TGS (Tokyo Game Show) '06 Comment 01: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW 8O Comment 02: Ferrari, FINALLY!!! I’m also proud to highlight “the YouTube of Video Game”: GameKlip. In particular, the category dedicated to the Tokyo Game Show 2006. Edited at 2006-09-25T09:06:53+00:00: The embeded player of GameKlip have a very big problem: it starts to play on ... read more

Forse forse ce lo togliamo dai coglioni

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Un amico, Malabase, mi scrive a proposito di una questione interessante: il caso Telecom. E mi presenta una ipotesi che, a prima vista, potrebbe sembrare “sconvolgente” ma… che potrebbe dimostrare di avere risvolti politici assolutamente inaspettati. Partiamo da una domanda: qual’è l’unico gruppo/azienda attualmente in assoluta e costante crescita in Italia? Non lo sapete? Dai è facile: MediaSet. Qual’è l’unico ... read more

Picture of the Day

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It's only an example of what mind + algorithms can do. Abstract: Exploration of Generative Art, Mathematics, Algorithmic Design and the Beauty of life Artist: Mandalabrot.net Source, Designblog. ... read more