Town Hall Auditorium - #4 Infinite Loop

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#4 Infinite Loop Apple Computer Campus Cupertino, California, USA </param></embed></param> click and drag to pan and tilt shift and control to zoom in and out, respectively. Today Apple will present… new funny products! ;) ... read more changes face

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This new theme is for test purpouse only: I like it (too much) but… I’m not sure about readability and usability. It’s name is Heminway: you can found it here. If you have any comments about it… ... read more

M$ Unveils Win Vista Product Lineup: Sic et Simpliciter!

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On it.Wikipedia: It's a latin expression that means "simply, it's that". Used in order to emphasize that the things are in this way and there is nothing that needs a clarification. Here, the Microsoft Unveils Windows Vista Product Lineup. A nice extract: The Windows Vista product lineup consists of six versions, two for businesses, three for consumers, and one for ... read more

Pagani Zonda Roadster F

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Private show of this Beauty Monster-Car. </param></embed> No one tried to answer to my old quiz about its dashboard :( ... read more

NATO-ASI: Magnetic Nanostructure School

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School Announcement This school brings together scientists and engineers interested in recent developments of magnetism. Emphasis is placed on micro-electromechanical systems and spintronic applications. Objectives The objective of the school is to propose a synergic junction between the characteristic expertise of the engineering and the knowledge of the basic science. The main effect should be a cross-cultural fertilization favoring an ... read more

Free Software e OpenSource: Interviste di Teleblogo

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Mi permetto di segnalare queste interessanti (se pur brevi) interviste pubblicate da Teleblogo a: Richard Stallman Diego Saravia Sergio Amadeu Claude Martin Qui il post su Teleblogo. Inutile inserire link ai video: trovate tutto su Teleblogo. Ah, bellino anche il video Gnocchi opensource di Juan Carlos Gentile, sempre al suddetto post. ... read more

PHP5 Form Generator/Processor

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I highlight this howto: Building a PHP5 Form Processor. But the how to also “generate” the form (and the client-side validation code), then the title of this post. On Dev Shed. ... read more

Ajax, Ajax and... Ajax

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Wow: seems to be that every web-developer doesn’t do anything except Ajax! Today, walking trough various blog I had found these interesting thing written in (and for) Ajax: Lightbox JS - a simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page. It's a snap to setup and works on all modern browsers. Simple and very Beautiful way to ... read more