Democracy - Internet TV

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Download and watch all the best internet TV shows and videos in one powerful application. New channels arrive daily in the built-in Channel Guide. Stop squinting at tedious web videos-- sit back and watch big, high resolution videos one after another. It's so easy to use that you'll be watching interesting videos in moments. It’s name is Democracy TV (DTV). ... read more


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I have finished ALL MY Universitary EXAMS!!! Only the stage remains. I’m waiting for this (and praying for it)!!! ... read more

Ubuntu Dapper Drake Flight4

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Ubunto Dapper Drake is now UVF: UVF - The Upstream Version Freeze The Upstream Version Freeze is the point in the development cycle when Ubuntu stops accepting new upstream versions of software or packages. This allows the Ubuntu developers time to stabilize the current software in Ubuntu and helps avoid introducing new bugs. You can find out a bit more ... read more

Il Prestigioso Premio Calderoli

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Googlavo in cerca di informazioni sul losco ed emerito figuro che risponde al nome di Calderoli , alla luce della sua ultima genialata (non mi sognerei mai di dare importanza ad un idiota così… a gratis) e che ti trovo? Il Prestigioso Premio Calderoli, su OneMoreBlog: ... La frase è tata riportata da più o meno tutti i quotidiani nazionali ... read more

Tablet Mac: Another Patent

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Yes, another patent from Apple. That patent describe interaction-patterns in details, with particular attention on a “virtual keyboard” that appear in a “contextual-way”. Apple seems to be ready for an HCI REVOLUTON!!! Finally! Example images: Source, Melablog. ... read more

Take a look at Gnome 2.14

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Davyd Madeley has released a “coming soon features list” of Gnome 2.14. Really interesting new features for Gnome users: <ul> Speed improvement in Memory Allocation System (Gnome use a dedicated subsystem for this stuff), using a new mem-allocator called GSlice (follow a benchmark), and in Font Rendering (Gnome Terminal will be fastest of XTerm 8O ) <li>some Administrative tools</li> <li>improvement ... read more

meebo - IM Ajax based

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meebo is a multi-IM client (in beta version right now) that is Web 2.0 enabled: a really cool use of Ajax! I tried it and seems to be functional and really usable (it’s in beta, don’t forget). Probably a very powerfull alternative for user without a Laptop or a Network-enabled palm. The most interesting features? it use 1024 bit encryption ... read more

Gentoo: the Mactel-Linux Project

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I was one of the first Gentoo-on-iBook-7450 installer: I have an idea of the obstacles that Apple make (voluntarily?) to stop the “waste” of our hardware. The installation of Gentoo on Mactel is only a “time issue”: EFI was, for me, the biggest problem (elilo rulez!). But I don’t know the internal hardware of that new machine. Anyway, Good Work ... read more