Simple but seminal: Cornell researchers build a robot that can reproduce

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Admittedly the machine is just a proof of concept -- it performs no useful function except to self-replicate -- but the basic principle could be extended to create robots that could replicate or at least repair themselves while working in space or in hazardous environments, according to Hod Lipson, Cornell assistant professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering, and computing and ... read more

PHP 5.1.2 and PostgreSQL 8.1.2 MacOSX Packages

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Marc Liyanage releases the last version of his packaged version of PHP 5.1.2 and PostgreSQL 8.1.2. I don’t know how is the packaged PostgreSQL but… I use the PHP of Marc from 2 years without any problems (excluding personalization to the php.ini file). Thanks Marc for your nice work! ;-) Ah, these packages are made for MacOSX. ... read more

Finder Software Engineer: Apple offers work

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The Finder team is seeking an energetic, motivated software engineer to help develop next generation versions of the Finder, the notorious file browser for Mac OS X. You will be responsible for developing new features of an application that is often perceived by our users as the "face of the system". You will be working on user interfaces spanning various ... read more

La nuova trovata di Forza Italia

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Come scambio di simboli di stima reciproca, rimando al simpatico post sui Contro-Manifesti di Forza Italia sul blog di Nemo. Riporto solo la mia preferita: Ben vengano queste Controriforme se possono riparare almeno un pochino ai danni fatti da questo Governo di ladroni mascherati da Robin Hood. ... read more

berlusconi: grazie a noi sempre più ricco

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Mentre il nostro adoratissimo ed amatissimo premier berlusca ci sta letteralmente BOMBARDANDO su ogni canale ed in ogni trasmissione (incredibile, io non guardo mai la TV ma sono 5 giorni buoni che OGNI VOLTA che l’accendo me lo trovo davanti alle pa**e), un simpatico amico mi ha segnalato questa lettera di ringraziamento a noi lettori. I dati sono di Forbes, ... read more

Firefox plugins highlight 001

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Performancing - Powerfull Firefox extension to help enhanced blogger to manage our sites FireBug - Console/DomInspector/Other_Usefull_Things instrument for enhanced developers Source, ... read more

Pixar purchased by Disney

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Disney was in trouble but… this acquisition is the begin of a rebirth of Disney as a “quality symbol” in the Industry of Digital Animation. Jobs, because the acquisition was done with a quotation-paiment (entirelly!!!), becames an “heavy member” of the Disney. I hope to see some beautiful films birth arise from this blending… and a great Apple Software utilization ... read more