Pixar purchased by Disney

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Disney was in trouble but… this acquisition is the begin of a rebirth of Disney as a “quality symbol” in the Industry of Digital Animation. Jobs, because the acquisition was done with a quotation-paiment (entirelly!!!), becames an “heavy member” of the Disney. I hope to see some beautiful films birth arise from this blending… and a great Apple Software utilization ... read more

Opera Mini is available worldwide

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After various months of testing, Opera Mini is available worldwide. I try it whit the simulator on the official website. Enjoy it. Here the wizard that helps you to select the right version for your mobile phone. Source, Downloadblog. ... read more

Google news became stable

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I love Google news: I think it’s a very intelligent and powerfull system to aggregate news. I use it every day to see informations about politics and tech. I hope that GNews continues on that way: multi-sourced news helps me to understand and hear every side of anything. Thanks Big G. ... read more

iTunes U

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Nessun commento. Sarebbe superfluo e scontato. Solo il link. … e una preghiera. ... read more

iTab: iBook based but... not from Apple O_o

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Seems to be a very strange title but… it’s true. The official web site. But it’s only an iBook with the monitor on the wrong side and a pen-as-a-mouse-pointer. No Inkwell, sorry. Source, Melablog. ... read more

Ziplight: make Spotlight more curious

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On that page of the Apple Download Center you can find Ziplight, a Spotlight plugin that enable searches into our zip archives. A much usefull idea, it isn’t? ... read more

Why the Apple 1 price was $666.66?

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Woz, the Apple’s co-founder divulges the reasoning behind the infamous computer price. Cnet video of Woz explaining… Ok ok, it’s simple: ... because it's the same button 6 for 5 times Apple, think simple (and different)! :D Source, Melablog. ... read more

Shiira 1.2.1 released

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A new version of this very powerfull browser was released. We released Shiira 1.2.1. It is the Universal Binary. Shiira can run natively on both PowerPC and Intel based Mac. And we implemented the auto filling feature. Your user names and passwords are automatically filled in the Web form. They are stored in the Keychain which is a standard password ... read more

MacBook Pro at february 15 2006

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It’s coming soon. Remember: I was born on february 6 1982. ;) Anyone wants to make me happy? :D Sources, Melablog and Gizmondo. ... read more

Design Draw with Patterns/Movements/Finger

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It’s because the University Research in Italy does not have the same “importance/value” than in other Country. This is a MIT production: Mpeg file link. EDIT - Thanks to Nemo for the “Errata Corrige” of the title :oops: . ... read more