Una parola come un'altra

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“Sono emotivamente coinvolto dalla libera circolazione della parola guerra, una volta maledetta dalla Costituzione italiana. Ormai è diventata una voce del bilancio italiano e una forma di esportazione del nostro prodotto all’estero. Ecco, vorrei che tornasse ad essere maledetta.” Erri De Luca, da ClaudioBisio.it. Lo é ormai. E’ stata accettata dal “pensiero comune” (maledetto) e ci siamo assuefatti alle notizie ... read more

Comicast: fumetti su iPod video

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In realtà possono essere visti da chiunque abbia un lettore di feed rss ed un player video. Sono cmq una interessante idea. MelaBlog ce ne segnala uno davvero bellino, che trovato sull’iTunes Music store aggratis! ;) Il fumetto in questione lo trovate qui (need iTunes). ... read more

Intel rolls out Viiv technology, dual-core laptop processors

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Intel at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Thursday unveiled two platforms and several content alliances that provide the foundation for new experiences from digital entertainment and wireless laptops -- and include the new high-performance, low-power Intel Core Duo processor... Intel Viiv technology-based entertainment PCs will help make it easier for families to download, store, view, manage and share all ... read more

iWeb: only a rumor?

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Just before noon on Thursday, the company's Garageband and Support websites displayed links to non-existent iLife '06 product pages and listed "iWeb" as one of its included applications. Released last year at Macworld Expo in San Francisco, iLife '05 -- the current version of the suite -- includes only iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie, GarageBand, and iTunes. Sources had previously told AppleInsider ... read more

New Apple laptop to feature Intel Robson cache technology?

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Although Intel only demonstrated its Robson (here a test) cache technology in the fourth quarter of last year, DigiTimes is citing sources who claim that Apple Computer will launch a laptop in the middle of January that utilizes the NAND flash based cache memory technology. Robson cache technology, which Intel demonstrated during the Intel Developer Forum Taipei this past October, ... read more

Dodge Challenger Concept

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Really cool! From AutoBlog. It’s not only a prototype: it can become a really car. Want number? - engine V8 HEMI, 6,1 dm^3 425 horse power 570 Nm max pair manual gear (obviously)</strong> But, do you remember anything? :?: ... read more

Skype 2.0 is out

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Only for windows, by now. Download it for windows and read the changelog here. ... read more

New Windows Vista website

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Windows Vista website have a new amazing layout (no Ajax, sorry) to present in the “right way” the content of the next M$ Operating System. I’m interested in the BIG REVOLUTION that it must start (:lol:). Hey hey, one more thing: see at the “home oriented” software that will be available with Vista. Remember you anything? ... read more