Googled Blog

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Google offers a great variety of services for users that wants to promote and make more reliable our site: Google Sitemaps Google AdSense Google AdWords Today, I register on that services and updated the theme with some components: “Google Search Bar”, “Google AdSense”, “Google Referral”. I make also the Sitemap of my Blog with this. Now, CLICK ON EVERY ... read more

PowerPC and Sparc: highlanders?

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Ok, also Apple does believes in PowerPC no more. It seems that the future will be Intel-Based (ooooh my good!?!? what a joke? O_o), but the world is wide and the Tecnologies are much too much. IBM and Sun, in similary way, are opening our tecnology (PowerPC and lastest Ultra Sparc, respectivelly) to the comunity (in particular, to Universitary comunity) ... read more

Play with Xcode build settings

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In order to become an effective Xcode user, you need to understand two major Xcode concepts. The first is how Xcode projects are defined and organized. The second is how the Xcode build system takes the targets that are defined in your projects and turns them into products. There is a lot of flexibility in the Xcode build system for ... read more

ASUS copy Apple Style

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Hey, this is not a personalized version of Apple iBook! No, it’s: ASUS W6 Premium Edition Notebook Series "Reflects" Impeccable Taste in Digital Fashion. Gloss Coated LCD Cover, Pearl White Housing with Gold Details Offer Superior Mobility with Style... Taste in Digital Fashion???? O_o IT’s the iBook PHOTOCOPY!!! It’s a “without-shame” copy of the ORIGINAL, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING Apple Style! Asus, ... read more

New pages on

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Hi. Finally, I take a lot of time to make my personal pages. I insert the “right things” in the pages WORKS (my occupations, my works and my experiences), and OUTPUTS (my universitary and personal projects). ... read more

[Parody] Video iPod = Heavy ass

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Very very COOL! On MelaBlog I found this: Download and see: few seconds but… :D. ps on Melablog u can find also the link to the iPod Video version. ... read more

Windows Vista will cut off the UI from the Kernel

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... The company has already announced to developers that most drivers, including graphics, will run in user mode - which means that they don't get access to the privileged kernel mode (or Ring 0). At this level, a process can do anything it likes, including overwriting memory that doesn't belong to it. The result of such overwriting by (usually) buggy ... read more


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Syllable is a reliable and easy-to-use GPLed operating system for the home and small office user This Operating System birth with the SOHO in mind: all the Graphics System (the X server, for the *nix-lover) is built-in the Kernel. It’s a good idea to test it… if I had enough time. ... read more