DivX 6.0 now available for MacOSX >= 10.3

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DivX 6 for MacOSX I’m not a DivX lover now: I prefer absolutelly XviD but on the net we will find some video compressed with DivX and… it’s a “must have” thing. ... read more

Forse un iBook WideScreen e l'addio dei pBook 12"

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Da: MelaBlog. Onestamente, io che posseggo un iBook, spero soprattutto in monitor a 14” widescreen che, in particolare, usi una di quelle strane, nuove tecnologie chiamate “X-Brite” o qualcosa del genere, che fa sembrare il monitor lucido come uno specchio e che dona alle immagini una grande luminosità e nitidezza. ... read more

New logo for Intel

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Intel wants to rebrand itself: here a link to the article. On the web, there is various new example “brands” for Intel: . Here an interesting comment of MelaBlog about this question. Anyway, I think thats are only speculations: that logos are no “credible” for a company like Intel. IMHO. ... read more

Geek's girlfriend: 10 laws

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http://www.emilyhambidge.com/blog/emily/66/ Very very funny! Any other girl that want’s a Geek? :D I’m perfectly the same that Emily describe in her blog. :D ... read more

Simple and Direct

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Wordpress is surprising me: I had tried Joombla, Drupal and other minor CMS/Blog system. They was heavy to understand and to use. Too many “personalizations” and “features” that a “simple and with-no-time” user does not require. I appreciate the use of very large characters in the administration interface, that evidence the interest of WP’s developers to make “build a blog” ... read more

My first post on Wordpress...

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Another. Another test of another cms/weblog system/way-to-make-my-homepage. Will I make it… a day? Anyway, I had imported old post that I make on the Google Blogger Platform. ... read more

The best TODO...

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… I have seen it’s this one:...public void method(String param) {      // TODO Please, Implements ME!!!}...<p style="font-size:10px;text-align:right;">[posted with ecto]</p> ... read more

NeoOffice/J 1.1 Stable

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This is a OpenSource project, based on OpenOffice, that does not use the X emulation to run on MacOSX.It use a recompilation of GTK+ over Quartz, linked statically.It’s a very good project: I hope this release resolve some bugs and now the suite start-up shortly.Download it!<p style="font-size:10px;text-align:right;">[posted with ecto]</p> ... read more

JAEBI - JAva Enterprise BackEnd Interfacement

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It’s and RC2 version, but it run on any (I hope) J2EE Application Server.I use the Sun Java Application Server 8.1 by now.Here, the official link.<p style="font-size:10px;text-align:right;">[posted with ecto]</p> ... read more