AES explains itself

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This guy, Jeff Moser, is mental! He made a loooong comic strip to make AES explain itself: from a very high level, non technical explanation, deep down to mathematical details. Worth a read for sure! ;) ... read more

QDetroBro: Experimenting with Qt on S60

  • 183 words

The best way to learn a new language or a new framework is to find an idea and implement it. So I’m doing for Qt on S60. So I decided to implement a dummy browser that has some smart/attractive/peculiar/interesting/funny bits. QDetroBro Because I’m lazy to package and attach code, and because is always good the evolution of a project from ... read more

Git-over-SSH through Socks 5 Proxy on Windows

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Because of my work, I use crappy M$ Windows in my office. And we are behind a bidirectional firewall. So, how do you do if you need to pull/push code with Git-over-SSH in this scenario? You need a Socks 5 that passes the firewall, and some scripting. First, you need to install: Git on Windows - Connect.c - ... read more

Snippet: fix Screen Orientation in a Qt/S60 app

  • 103 words

I follow the Qt/S60 Mailing list, that is turning out to be a very interesting and active ML, and the Qt Labs blog, always full of very good code, written directly by the guys of Qt Software. I thought could be nice to start to post some of the stuff I’m learning. #include <eikenv .h> #include <eikappui .h> #include <aknenv ... read more

Censured Berlusconi's pictures published by the El-Pais

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The video is in Spanish with Italian subtitles, I’m sorry. </embed> You can find more content here. What happened in Italy is pure censorship to protect the image of a depraved, sick old man that rules my country in a new “media-dictatorship” way. The Italians should know about this. Source: ... read more

What in the hell is

  • 22 words - For sure is related to mobile, usability, simplicity and “making you able to use what you paid for”. Intrigued? ;) ... read more

M$ pukes on itself because of IE8

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I mean, you could puke because of IE8 for sure, but to make an ad to support the idea… :-P </param></param></param></embed>> I’m not really sure that this ad is from M$ but, what the hell, it’s disgustingly funny! :D ... read more

Italy: a scandal-proof Country

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I feel ashamed. The Guardian a week ago released this article explaining, in a “reasonably informed way” why “nothing happens after all the scandals in which the Psycho-Nano is involved”. I say “reasonably informed way” because, normally, newspapers that are not Italian don’t really get what the man is: to understand Berlusconi you need to understand what Italy became today. ... read more

HTC Hero in UK from Orange

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I’m with a bit of proudness that I say that in July the HTC Hero, a new Android-based smart-phone, is going to be launched. </param></param></param></embed> HTC Hero - First Look For UK, Orange will be the operator to sell it. As far as I know, details are not being disclosed yet. HTC has developed this new UI/UX (User Interface/User eXperience) ... read more