«Mom, I want to do Open Source too...»

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After I received an email, this imaginary story came to my mind: Kiddo>Mom, my friend G. Android came today at school and said "he is Open Source and it's cooooool". Not everyone understood in it and ignored him. Then we all got it, and he became very popular. Can I do it too? Pleeeeeease!!! Mom>Ok S. Symbian, but don't forget ... read more

How to be on gossip newspapers as well

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Be a Media-Dictator in a semi-democratic country. Like Italy, for example Act like a stereotyped Italian clown in every International Meeting, pretending you are the one of the politicians that "actually do the job" Enjoy yourself with the youngest and stupidest show-girls during your 70, just to confirm, again and again, the shameless stereotype of the "Italian playboy" Have a ... read more

Android Dev Phone 1: Official Updates

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For the once of you that tried “home made ways” to update their ADP1, like my previously published how-to, this news can be interesting. Google and HTC finally managed to push-out an official page on the HTC site, to explain step-by-step how to update firmware and baseband of the device. I just did it, having a very pleasant and straightforward ... read more

New Theme: The Journalist

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Another update for Detronizator.org’s theme. Say hello to “The Journalist”, from Lucian E. Marin. Great job Lucian! ;-) ... read more

Ridicolmente Ridicolizzati dal Ridicolo

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Ridicoli. Questo siamo. Un popolo di RIDICOLI che permettono ad un uomo RIDICOLO, Silvio Berlusconi, cancrena degli ultimi 20 e piu’ anni d’Italia, senza alcuna vergogna, remora, timore o paura, di fare il bello ed il cattivo tempo. E di RIDICOLIZZARE ogni Valore, Diritto, Legge, Organo Istituzionale. Il tutto abusando, anzi dire i violentando, stuprando, le parole. Parole come “Liberta’”, ... read more

Chrome Experiments

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WOW! I mean… WOW! Look at what people are doing using the power of HTML5 + a very fast Javascript Engine! </param></param></param></embed> Those experiments are collected here: Chrome Experiments (note the subtitle: “Not your mother’s JavaScript” - LOL). Bear in mind: this is not only because of Chrome itself. This is the power of HTML5 Canvas element, plus, of couse, ... read more

Studenthood Nightmare

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This is another thing it happens to me as well! I don’t really know what does it says: probably that some of the studenthood “duty” left a deep mark on our subconscious, making us imagine realities in which we “didn’t do our job”… and now we pay the consequences. Or, simply, that some teachers at school should be reported for ... read more

Immune a priori

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Normalmente non quoto Marco Travaglio: lo segue sicuramente piu’ gente di quanta segua me. Ma questo video e’ davvero interessante per “capire” come mai Berlusca non e’ mai andato in carcere. </param></param></param></embed> Source: Voglio Scendere. ... read more

Android Dev Phone 1: to GIT Master and Back

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If you, like me, have a Android Dev Phone 1 (“ADP1” from now on), you are probably wondering how to take the latest version of the Android Source Code, the “GIT Master”, compile and put on your device. I googled and googled and googled, finding some sparse material. But it’s all messed up: sometimes it was incomplete or partial, sometimes ... read more


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Un’altra piccola “perla” che dipinge Napoli come e’. Niente “romanzazioni” ne “stereotipizzazioni”: “Napule” cosi’ com’e’ per i Napoletani. Tristemente Bello. Bravo Andrej Longo. ... read more