Guys, don't forget St Valentine's Day

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Ok, it’s a commercial, stupid and useless Day, made because it’s difficult to understand that Men and Women are different and care about different things. But, this video is GREAT!!! ;-) </param></param></param></embed> ... read more

I told you guys!!!

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While my iPhone's Weather application was showing this My iPhone's Camera application was showing this I told you guys! English people simply don’t feel the cold! O_o ... read more

I don't hate the Americans neither the Jews

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A dear friend of mine made me think about what I wrote in this previous post about the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Christmas Speech. I’m sure that, who follows regularly my blog, knows, or at least has an idea, of what are my Political beliefs. But, just for the sake of being sure that no one gets insulted, I’d like to specify ... read more

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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I hope the Movie is better than the Book. It’s not a “bad book” in absolute values: it’s bad because it doesn’t follow it’s own logic. If you write the story of a man that, on the side of the age goes from Old to Young, and on the side of the body size goes from Small to Big… don’t ... read more

The man with the funny hat

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That’s what happens when you found your religion on the fact that [en:Pope|a Man] with a funny Hat is ELECTED “The Representation of God and His Willing on Earth”: </embed>Watch CBS Videos Online Where his humanity is? Why he didn’t just stop, send away the guards and touched the hands of the “so faithful” woman? Is this act REALLY the ... read more

Where exactly?

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Yesterday, 25th of December, President of Iran [en:Mahmoud Ahmadinejad] broadcasted from Channel 4 a Christmas Speech for people of UK. Now, I could understand the “surprise” of receiving a “classical” Christmas Speech from a President of an Islamic and Middle Eastern country, while Queen Elisabeth the II was doing the same (Yes! The British Monarchy has an Official Channel on ... read more

Involuting Christianity

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Once, in a very weird and dark nightmare, I read this letter from the Pope: My dear Christians, The World is changing and a wave of new corrupted culture is establishing a new, different, atheist moral. Please, don't join the World in it's changing. Bear in mind that homosexuality is a Sin and an Abomination: I'm sure God is furious ... read more

Crisi Mondiale, Riforme Locali

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Sono sceso dall’aereo il 16 Dicembre… e da allora sto monitorando, a modo mio, quello che sta succedendo in questo mio paese natio. Crisi Mondiale A sentire le radio e le TV “maggiori”, l’[it:Italia] e’ una specie di oasi felice in mezzo ad un [it:Europa], un [it:Mondo] in piena crisi Economica e Finanziaria. L’unico sentore della crisi ce lo danno ... read more