The Android is spreading all around

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I was sure that is was just a matter of time, before we started to see Android spreading all around into every possible flavour of Mobile (only?) piece of hardware. It started when just the first versions of the SDK were out in the wild: people were “just” recompiling the kernel, and boom! The magic was happening. That was a ... read more

Finally! I updated my WordPress installation

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Yes, I did it. Finally. It was on my todo-list since last year and I decided, in this moment of confusion and 100 things to do, to update. Why? Because Wordpress 2.7 was released recently, and I decided that I was “late enough”. Codename of this release? “Coltrane”! Yes, like [en:John Coltrane] ;-) . Update: And this update comes from ... read more

Thinking aloud about my Career

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I don’t know exactly how to express what’s happening to me. I mean, to be quick, I’d say that “I’m doing well with my Career”. But that’s not my point here; and I don’t think you really care, do you? Plus, it’d show how little humble I’m: not really helpful social and friend wise. ;-) Discovering Native Skills What I’m ... read more

Linux on iPhone

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Of course, it was a matter of time: we all knew that. But, still, this video is important: a concrete, publicly understandable proof, that Linux is going on the iPhone. </embed>iPhone Linux Demonstration Video from planetbeing on Vimeo. Probably it will never have a concrete, commercial application (like running Android, as the guys from where I took the video would ... read more

The Butterfly Effect

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What just happened will have consequences in the whole World, I’m sure of this. If either for Good or Evil, we still don’t know. We can just hope. But that’s the key: Now there is Space for Hope again! In the meantime, I must say, I have Very High Expectations. ... read more

While we will be sleeping

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The most powerful Man in the World will be chosen. Our own future will be chosen. And we cannot participate to this: just watch the TV or sleep over it and accept the news, that tomorrow will meet our sleepy mind. Good Luck Obama! ... read more

BrickBook Unboxing

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BrickBook Unboxing Simply, the Best laptop I have met. Ever! P.S. Yes, I manage to grab one ;-) ... read more


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Tuesday or Wednesday last week, Apple introduces one of the Greatest Piece of Art that the world of Technology has ever (EVER!) seen. This: Yesterday, the less than a week after, at 235 Regent’s Street they were Sold-Out!!! The guys there said that «it was sold-out almost the same day it went on the market!!!». ... read more

Nerds and Wonks should drive America(?)

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I could start comment this out, but the article itself is interesting enough: I don’t need to add my own juice (and, most important, it doesn’t need it neither). [...] We owe our well-crafted democratic form of government with its cleverly designed system of checks and balances, to a weird bunch of policy, technology, and scientific wonks and nerds such ... read more