Nerds and Wonks should drive America(?)

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I could start comment this out, but the article itself is interesting enough: I don’t need to add my own juice (and, most important, it doesn’t need it neither). [...] We owe our well-crafted democratic form of government with its cleverly designed system of checks and balances, to a weird bunch of policy, technology, and scientific wonks and nerds such ... read more

Nvidia introduces the Tegra

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Nvidia today left me wordless! They are jumping in the mobile, smartphone and netbook market in a very “noisy” way. The NVIDIA® Tegra™ family of computers-on-a-chip, brings the power of advanced visual computing to a broad range of handheld and mobile platforms—from phones, MP3 players, and portable navigation devices (PNDs) to mobile internet devices (MIDs). NVIDIA Tegra enables intuitive user ... read more

What would happen if the Dollar falls down?

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I strongly suggest to see this documentary. It will help people understand a lot of things about “how” things actually works in the [en:World Economy], why we trade Money and… why [en:USA] holds in its hands the balls of the World Economy. Or, doesn’t it? </param></param></embed> The Day of the Dollar Roel van Broekhoven (Backlight 2005) The documentary is in ... read more

Franz Kafka is an Idiot

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I just read “The Metamorphosis”. And I liked it… until I reached the last page of it. Where I understood that Franz Kafka is an Idiot. First Edition Cover I like of course very much the quality and Franz is, out of any doubt, a great novelist… but I totally disagree with the message, the perspective and the conclusion of ... read more

Ragu', Gnocchi and Meatballs

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Ragu', Gnocchi, Meatballs and more: Making of... All fruit of my hard work ;) Enjoy… the pictures, while we enjoyed the food! :P ... read more

Housemade Music in Oxford Circus

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</param></param></embed> Title: Housemade Music in Oxford Circus Abstract: Great, Talented artists, express themselves using just "common stuff". I met those guys a week ago at Oxford Circus, while I was with my Bro’. They are really really good! ... read more

Browser Adaptive CSS with AppEngine

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As I said, I’m doing some stuff with Google AppEngine. And, of course, I’m facing the usual problem of Browser Incompatibility: Browser Incompatibility ;-) =Browser Incompatibilities: the Most Common Problem= The most common problem for Web Site developers is the fact that every browser treats HTML Tags, CSS and Javascript in it's own way. This Recipe tries to address one ... read more

Jesus and Mo

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I know I’ll now have some problems for posting this, but I can’t deny that it is VERY FUNNY!!! It’s a blog, with daily comic-strips about a very particular “couple”: Jesus and Mohammed. The blog is entitled: Jesus and Mo. I was unable to find the name of the author (what a surprise), but I really don’t care. Is he ... read more

Back from the Google Developer Day 2008

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That was pretty exciting. A free, big, enlightening event about the “Google Stuff”… Ok, ok. Who spoke with me here knows that it was NOT so enlightening: most of the knowledge they brought from USA is and was already available on the web. But that’s probably not the point. The point is, I believe, to share. Share the culture, the ... read more

Death Star Canteen

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</param></param></embed> Deadly Funny!!! [Original Source: Zein’s Blog] ... read more