Me @ Selenium Camp 2013

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Selenium Camp 2013 has been a great experience. Not only I hanged out with great people, but, for the first time in my life, I also got to savour a little bit of Ukraine in Kiev. VERY friendly people (really friendly). GREAT food. WELL-ORGANISED conference. What else could I ask for? My talk The title of my talk is Getting ... read more

Console++ - enhance your console

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I need a logger for GhostDriver but I'm too lazy to figure out how to use a nice, proper logging library. Plus I'm a BIG fun of old-school-debugging: I just substituted all the printf() calls with console.log. So I decide to make every JavaScript developer shiver in disgust and wrote a small library that enhances the global console object. This ... read more

Spin-down your USB HD and make it last longer

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I have built for myself a simple Media Center, based on Zotac ZBOX ID41 Plus, XBMC-Live, Transmission, Flirc and other useful stuff. The idea is having a low-energy consumption machine that I control with a remote. And it has to be always on. One thing I was concerned about is how to deal with my external HD connected to it: ... read more

Finally, GhostDriver 1.0.0

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After ~10 months of work, I finally managed to push the ball forward enough to reach GhostDriver 1.0.0. I won't lie: it does feel great. It always is to see so much effort mutate into an achievement, even it is such only for me. Before I go any further though, I owe a massive THANK-YOU to the people that through ... read more

GhostDriver, 90% and priorities

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Last few weeks have been HECTIC to say the least. Work on GhostDriver and related PhantomJS improvements has been very intense. We just shipped PhantomJS 1.7, and work for 1.8 is already started (check out the ghostdriver-dev branch I linked above). GhostDriver has reached almost 90% completion for 1.0, and the code is being hardened, thanks also to the amazing ... read more

Look mummy, I'm 80% done!

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Let me give you a quick update about GhostDriver, the PhantomJS WebDriver implementation. Yes, it's 80% ready for prime time (bugs aside)!!! How did I get from 40% to 80% so quickly? Because I decided that, for version 1.0, the commands that relate to the mobile web driver are out of scope. 1.1 or 1.2 will have them. For details, ... read more

BST traversal without stack or recursion (?)

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SPOILER: this article assumes quite a lot of things about your knowledge of binary trees and data structure. I won't spend much time introducing concepts. Deal with it. Some time ago I had the pleasure to meet with Chris Lord, who introduced me to the concept of Binary Tree Traversal without using neither a stack/queue or recursion. The list of ... read more

The Stupid Olympics

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I'm baffled on how stupid the British officials and politicians are. The entire show, is as bad in practice as it looks good on TV. Business starving for customers in Central London No one has tickets: either because are too expensive or because buying tickets was a Olympic sport on it's own Empty stations and entire city areas because of ... read more

GhostDriver: a quick update

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For whom might concern. Development of GhostDriver has been "slowed down" in the past 2/3 weeks for unforeseen heavy work schedule. The project is not dead AT ALL. Actually, important work has been done: I have implemented support for handling into the current PhantomJS master. This new feature in PhantomJS is KEY to unlock a whole set of functionalities ... read more

GhostDriver: almost 50%

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This post is long overdue. It's weeks that I HAVE TO write it and yet couldn't find the time to put it together. Oh well, better late than... Since my talk about GhostDriver at the Selenium Conference 2012 I have received lots of interest from the community about GhostDriver: finally a WebDriver for PhantomJS. If you haven't followed me so ... read more