Apache Hadoop on Mac OS X

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For some reasons I started to play with Apache Hadoop (Core): Hadoop is a software platform that lets one easily write and run applications that process vast amounts of data. Here's what makes Hadoop especially useful: Scalable: Hadoop can reliably store and process petabytes. Economical: It distributes the data and processing across clusters of commonly available computers. These clusters can ... read more

T.P. #3

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2.05 miles ~= 3.3 kms I shall say that South Bank river side is a very nice place: the buildings are practically on the River Thames, and it looks like a very romantic place. There are different nice coffee shops (and some are NOT Starbucks ;) ) around there. Quite surprising that this is my 3rd month in this area ... read more

Lars and the Real Girl

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Yesterday, waiting for Morfeus (the God, not the Blue-Pill-Red-Pill Freak) to catch me and bring me to sleep. I had this movie in my beloved iPhone, “Lars and the Real Girl”. It’s pure gold. A movie about a guy, Lars (Ryan Gosling), who has a very strange mental disease, that needs a Girlfriend but is unable to catch-and-kiss the classical ... read more

Video of the Day

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</param></param></embed> Title: Bill Gates: the last day at Microsoft. I know that probably this is OLD, but… this is really funny! I have to say that [en:Bill Gates] surprised me for being so ironic about himself, his money and his power! I still don’t like you Bill, but at least you are better than big-fat-idiot-[en:Steve Ballmer]. ... read more

How Google works

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I was looking for info about [en:MapReduce] and I thought that would have been a good idea to take a look at the Tech Talks published by Google. Here we go. </embed> Title: 2007 Seattle Conference on Scalability: MapReduce Used on Large Geographic Data Sets Location: Google Tech Talks June 23, 2007 Speaker: Barry Brumitt, Google Inc. Abstract: MapReduce is ... read more

Innovation lesson from Pixar

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Innovation is one of the major topics that all the Big companies speaks all the time about: how, what, when… Innovation? When the reality is of a little/medium size company, Innovation is easy: you don’t need to convince, motivate, move people. Teams with “Innovation in mind” just pop out from the ground… and a good manager just need to feed ... read more

New Logo

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My iPhone is now more “mine” ;) I’ll proudly show you as soon as we meet. What? Ah, yeah. Thanks to PwnageTool from the GREAT DevTeam! Carry on guys! PS Yes, I’ll use it also with my Wind SIM ;) ... read more

T.P. #2

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View Larger Map 2.08 miles IT: Gia’ va meglio! EN: That’s better! ;) ... read more

T.P. #1

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View Larger Map 0.7 miles IT: Che schifo :( EN: I’m rubish :( ... read more

In Italia il crimine paga e potrebbe farti eleggere

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Dopo che la Chiesa l'ha ammonito per essersi elevato al rango di "Salvatore", si e' auto proclamato Papa: potra' 'si farsi "Encicliche ad Personam" per permettere al Papa di rappresentare ufficialmente la reincarnazione di Cristo. [...] A beautiful, romantic country of olive-dappled landscapes and cobblestoned piazzas famed for its food, fashion and bella figura, Italy is today a land awash ... read more