The more you Hide, The more I want to See!

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Update 14th August 2007: Look at this!!! The first NATIVE GAME for iPhone! Before that Apple itself release any game for it 8-O !!! It’s true: [en:iPhone] is based on [en:Mac_OS_X|Mac OSX] and it is quite similar to it. Apple, from the beginning, has chosen to close it, avoiding to release any [en:SDK] or stuff like that. Theoretically, the only ... read more

The Dead Spinal Cord

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</param></param></embed> Title: Bella Ciao Singers: Modena City Ramblers A friend of mine, one that I’d have never expected something like that, has sent to me this email: I heard this song by mistake and i loved the music if you have time and if it is not ball breaking i want to ask you to translate it for me [...] ... read more

Bejeweled for Free

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This version of Bejeweled is available for free as Ajax implementation. And it is a good way to waste your work-time ;) . Originally thinked to run on [en:iPhone], it is quite good also on [en:Firefox] (I haven’t tried on [en:Internet_Explorer|IE]). Enjoy! … … … What? Sorry, if you, like me until this morning, don’t know what the hell is ... read more

50 days in the Big City

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When I began this new experience, during the BootCamp, a Teacher/Employee of Symbian, L.Simpson (yep, “Simpson” :-D ) said: Wellcome to the Big City!!! He was referring to the amount of code [en:Symbian OS] is made of. But I think it can be applied to everything here. The feeling of being part of something big. It is Frightful… but Fascinating ... read more

PySync Google Group

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Hi Guys. I’m part of a very little Gooooogle Group (only 5 members) discussing about an interesting project, PySync. I’ll not go in details (everything is in the “3” discussions inside the group), but some interesting ideas are “popping-out”. Share if you have something to. ... read more

The first Lady of Scat and the King of Saxophone

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Much time ago, I have brought a Arrigo Polillo’s book, “Jazz”, considered the Bible of jazz music (Arrigo Polillo, Jazz, Oscar Mondadori, Milano 1997)! “La migliore storia del jazz in italiano, metodologicamente non aggiornata, ma insuperabile per capacità divulgativa e qualità di scrittura!” Non ho ancora finito il libro (anche perchè è composto da circa 1000 pagine), ma non potevo ... read more

Google London Open Source Jam

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Edit: Added a link to the Google Group of the project of Mal about the sync-stuff. It’s name is PySync. Yesterday I went with a collegue (thank you Serage, particularly for the pictures ;) ) to this event that the Google’s London Office sort twice (or more?) a year. Google London Open Source Jam. I went for one main reason ... read more

Diamo voce a Piero Ricca

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E’ vergognoso e deplorevole, quindi va data la massima esposizione possibile a questa cosa. Dal blog di Andrea D’Ambra: Riprendo l’appello lanciato da, che invita i bloggers a difendere la libertà di espressione contro la censura del blog di Piero Ricca, reo di aver contestato Emilio Fede, ripubblicando i due post censurati e invito tutti i bloggers a fare ... read more

V. Day

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Ogni commento è superfluo. ... read more