Asterisk NOW

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A new distro-based version of Asterisk, with the aim of make a smart-setup of an Astrisk PBX Server easy and quick. Asterisk® in 30 minutes or less. The most popular open source PBX software, Asterisk®, can now be easily configured with a graphical interface. AsteriskNOW™ is an open source Software Appliance; a customized Linux distribution that includes Asterisk®, the Asterisk ... read more

Dashcode public beta released

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If you have an ADC (Apple Developer Connection) account and you are interested in Widget’s Development, probably you’ll consider interesting to know that Apple have released the beta of Dashcode. Personally, I’m not a Dashboard lover. I have disabled it few days after Tiger Installation: it wolf down much too much memory… and, if I need a “small-service-app”, I use ... read more

Coma Profondo

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Stimando Marco Travaglio, non posso che riportare pedestremente un articolo che a sua volta è stato ribattuto sul sito “Viva Marco Travaglio”. L’articolo tratta in maniera sarcastica la norma circa la prescrizione di fatto per i reati contabili. Trattata anche da Nemo qui e qui. Per stanare il furbetto che ha infilato il comma salvaladri nella Finanziaria, il sistema meno ... read more

Come evitare i Memory Leaks in C++

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Per chi non conoscesse la definizione di Memory Leaks… non vale la pena andare oltre ;) A chi invece la conosce, consiglio di dare una lettura (anche veloce) al post pubblicato su Programming Languages Hacks. Davvero interessante, semplice ed istruttivo: cose che si potrebbero dedurre da uno studio attento del concetto di Memoria e Processi unito alla programmazione C/C++… ma ... read more

Italian Serial Awards 2007

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Votate! Ovviamente, per me vincono su tutte (nell’ordine): House M.D. Gray's Anatomy Lost Mi piacciono così tanto che le seguo in lingua originale in sincrono con gli USA (ho detto tutto ;) ). ... read more

New Year, Old Stories

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No, It’s not a post on politics or demagogy: it’s about foolishness!!! HD-DVD, one of the 2 “standards” of the future of Home-Movie (and Digital Video Storage in general), seems to be cracked… already. An anonymous cracker, called muslix64, have published a post on Doom9 about a very little Java program that is capable of Rip AACS-Encrypted video from an ... read more

I'm a Lantern?!?!?!? O_o

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Following the example of my friend Nemo, I have done the “Superhero Test”. Your results:You are Green Lantern Green Lantern 95% Batman 85% Superman 80% Iron Man 70% Hulk 60% Supergirl 55% Spider-Man 50% Robin 42% Wonder Woman 35% Catwoman 35% The Flash 30% Hot-headed. You have strong will power and a good imagination. Click here to take the Superhero ... read more

VMWARE 6.0 Beta Released

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The most known Virtualization System is under heavy development, and many interesting features will be in the final version. The most interesting? Integration with the Eclipse IDE. I have only a doubt: what about Fusion? Will be a different project or it’s only the beta name for VMWARE for MacOSX? Will they be merged? Release Notes on New Support for ... read more

Picture of the Day

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Title: Dodge Viper SRT-10 Abstract: The new version of my favourite car in the world (yes, I prefer it more than any Ferrari), will be updated with 600 HP (horse power) and a Torque Power of 760Nm. A MONSTER!!! :D On continue, other beautiful images. ... read more