NodeJS Conf Italy: my notes

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I’m just back from a very good conference. And for once, I can proudly say, it was organized by Italians! The host were WEBdeBS, a web company based in lovely Brescia, and the topic was… very hot: Node.JS. Node.JS Conference (@nodejsconfit) (on has been hosted in the Centro Paolo VI, where talks well complemented by lovely Italian food. What ... read more

What does scalability actually means?

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I was on the train to Portsmouth, and listening-reading the book “In the Plex”. In the Part 2 of the book, Chapter 2 if I recall correctly, the author is talking about Google and the Ocean project, what is later on going to be know as Google Books. The part that got me thinking is when Page, Brin and Mayer ... read more

The Tote Lounger, by Diatom Studio

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Today I got a nice surprise in the post at work: my “Tote Lounger” had arrived. Few months ago I decided to contribute to a Kickstarter Project by 2 friends of mine: SketchChair. The two guys are Greg and Tiago, and they run Diatom Studio. Here is a quote from their Kickstarter page: [Diatom]( is a design studio that is ... read more

Maven, PhantomJS and Jasmine to write your JS Unit Testing

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In Betfair we are building all sort of new things, and one of the aspects on which we are trying to focus more is doing Automated Tests for JavaScript. Currently, all non-js code in Betfair passes through different kind of Automated (and Human) Testing (from Unit Testing, to Security, to Performance, to Human and Scripted QA), but the JavaScript language, ... read more

Libya Hurra - News from the ground

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A team of smart, young, tech-savvy Lybians have given life to an amazing little (but already growing) project: collect, translate and share news from the ground of Libya. The project is this news/blog: Libya Hurra I said smart. They have leveraged something that everyone of us (well, people of the world) have: friends from somewhere else. They asked friends ... read more


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I had it. I’m sick and tired of this nonsense. People, Devs in the specific, should pull their head out of their ass right now and act like adults. What am I on about? I’m about re-factored, recompiled languages. Stuff like CoffeShit (yeah, Coffee-SHIT - so what?). Who the fuck cares? Come on people, are we really saying that the ... read more

Thinking out aloud: a JavaScript based console?

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In the last month or two I started contributing to PhantomJS: PhantomJS logo PhantomJS is a headless WebKit with JavaScript API. It has fast and native support for various web standards: DOM handling, CSS selector, JSON, Canvas, and SVG. PhantomJS is an optimal solution for headless testing of web-based applications, site scraping, pages capture, SVG renderer, PDF converter and many ... read more

Need to ship your Qt app for Mac? Bundle it up!

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I’m contributing some code and GCC-CPU-time to PhantomJS. It’s a brilliant idea and I hope it will grow, maybe with some help from me as well. I have recently spent some time working out how to go from a “compiled from source” version, to generate a shippable executable. For Mac, in my case. a 'cute' bundle I’ll explain how to ... read more

New personal computing, same old self-damaging pattern

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Think about it. We are still paying the consequences of Windows. The User Interaction and User Experience expected by most of the normal people are widely based upon Microsoft Window’s own (ehm…) patterns. The bad design and usability choices that are at the very base of that software (from version 1 up to latest 7), shaped how contemporary users expect ... read more

London's Barclay Cycle Hire: Good, Bad and Evil

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Last Sunday my girlfriend, my friend @lucabox and I decided have a go at London’s Barclays Cycle Hire. Wanting to enjoy the weather in Hyde Park, we agreed at meeting there: Luca cycled from Tate Modern, we took our bike at Hyde Park’s Queen’s Gate. Boris and 'it's' bikes The day was great, and the good weather helped. The experience ... read more