Gentoo: the Mactel-Linux Project

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I was one of the first Gentoo-on-iBook-7450 installer: I have an idea of the obstacles that Apple make (voluntarily?) to stop the “waste” of our hardware. The installation of Gentoo on Mactel is only a “time issue”: EFI was, for me, the biggest problem (elilo rulez!). But I don’t know the internal hardware of that new machine. Anyway, Good Work ... read more

Camino 1.0 released

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It’s now available in Universal Binary. List of features is here. I’m not a Camino user: I’m a Firefox-Extension’s addicted web-developer! But a Browser Gecko-Based with the powerful and beauty of MacOSX is a really interesting alternative for non-dev users… Source, Melablog. ... read more

Mac OS X Update 10.4.5

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10.4.5 Update is recommended for all users and includes general operating system fixes, as well as specific fixes for the following applications and technologies: -Address Book, AppleScript, Automator, Dictionary and Font Book -iCal, iChat, DVD Player, Mail, Preview, Safari and Stickies -Disk Utility, Keychain Access, Migration Assistant, Software Update -usability of Dashboard and widgets -viewing of QuickTime streaming media behind ... read more

MacBook Pro: more powerful then itself

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Singular but nice move from Apple: every booked (and now in distribution) MacBook Pro will be delivered with a SpeedBump Gift! Core Duo 1,83GHz will be delivered with a Core Duo 2Ghz, the 1,67GHz with a 1,83GHz. And, as it’s not enough, a new Core Duo 2,16GHz is be avalaible as an order-option!!! Source, Melablog. ... read more

P.Z. Roadster F

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Dashboard of? ;) It’s an amazing, new, beautifull Italian Monster-Car!!! ... read more

Oracle: 10.3 JDeveloper and OC4J released

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I’m not an Oracle developer. I’m not an Oracle DB Manager. I’m not an Oracle Java Developer. I’m an Eclipse lover since Eclipse 3.0M* releases but, because of the power of Oracle, I had ever followed our development in the Java-Development-World. 5 days ago I Oracle sent to me information the release of JDeveloper 10.3 and OC4J 10.3 (Oracle Container ... read more

Linus, Linux, i DRM ed il Trusted Computing

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Un interessantissima disquisizione di Alessandro Bottoni reperibile su ... Ancora una volta, Linux ed il mondo Open Source, saggiamente, non fanno la guerra al Trusted Computing ma il mondo Trusted Computing sta sviluppando armi potentissime con cui fare la guerra a Linux ed al “mondo libero” (Open Source)... Lo stesso autore scrive su e, in particolare, segnalo 2 ... read more

SheepShaver: MacOS Classic on MacIntel

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This application was bord with the run Classic Application in any operating system. It seems to be an “Emulation-Layer” (so, not a “Virtuallization-Layer”) and… it’s for available (and supported) on various systems: Linux (i386, ppc, x86_64) MacOS X (i386, ppc) Darwin NetBSD 2.0 FreeBSD 5.3 Windows for x86 As you probably know, Apple, with new MacIntel, has cutted-off the support ... read more

MacMini-based Server

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A state-of-art Server made up with beauty (and small) MacMini as “mind”. Take a look at this interesting howto (start from Melablog). He makes up Software Firewall, Mail Server, DNS Server, IP-over-Firewall connection for DB Server… all based on Air Port extreme!!! How? Modding the Air Port Antenna, obviously! ;) ... read more